Product number 321167
Year of construction 2000
Overall condition
Drive type Electric

5.950 € plus VAT.

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Technical data

Rider truck

Operating hours 5655
Capacity 2000 kg
Net weight 2873 kg
Length 3530 mm
Width 1300 mm
Height 2070 mm

Lifting frame / initial lift

Construction height 2070 mm


Battery manufacturer ibv
Year of battery 12/2017
Battery voltage 80 V
Pz. type 4 PzS
Battery capacity 320 Ah
Battery structure aquamatic and electrolyte circulation on battery
Battery replacement 90° battery door for battery change
Charger without charger


  • without charger
  • Voltage transformer
  • steelframe with front, top and rear glass and door on right side
  • construction high because of overhead guard: 2070 mm
  • heater
  • front tyres super-elastic, rear tyres pneumatic, front: 21 x 8 - 9 hell, rear: 7.00 - 12
  • complete road lighting
  • rotating light
  • trailer coupling: ohne AHK
  • in- and outside mirrors
  • comfort seat (textile)
  • single-pedal control
  • linke Türe fehlt, Lichtanlage über Zündung. Scharniertüre. Fahrschalter rechts. Linkslenker. Werkzeugbox mit Schublade am Beifahrersitz. Halter Monitor mit Anschluß

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Overall condition
Mast / initial lift
Vehicle frame / cabin
FEM 4.004 Without
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Condition description
  • Actual status as returned from previous owner
  • The vehicle is ready for use
  • Cleaned
  • Without a valid FEM 4.004 (Accident Prevention Regulations) approval
  • Any existing technical and optical defects will not be rectified
  • You are aware that the vehicle is not repaired and does not meet the valid safety regulations
  • Warranty shall not be assumed

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