Product number 321217
Year of construction 2017
Overall condition

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Technical data


Net weight 219 kg


Battery voltage 24 V
Pz. type 2 PzV
Battery capacity 220 Ah
Battery structure battery without aquamatic


  • Battery type: 24 Volt 2 PzV 220 Ah
  • battery without aquamatic
  • Battery tray: DIN B battery tray
  • Batteriy dimensions (lxwxh):621 x 209 x 627 mm mm
  • Truck Connector 80 A DIN
  • gebrauchte Hawker GEL Antriebsbatterie inkl Trog, gefüllt und geladen, mit Kabel und MRC Stecker 80 A

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Overall condition
FEM 4.004 Without
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  • Ready for use – without FEM 4.004 (Accident Prevention Regulations)
  • Any existing technical and optical defects will not be rectified
  • Warranty will not be assumed

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