Product number ANL1073177
Year of construction 2015
Overall condition

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Technical data


Capacity 6000 kg
Height 2880 mm

Lifting frame / initial lift

Mast Standard
Lifting height 3850 mm
Construction height 2880 mm
Free lift 150 mm
Fork carriage width 1800 mm


  • mast type: simplex
  • Load capacity 6000 kg / 600 mm load center
  • 3.+ 4. valve complete
  • Mast height: 2880 mm
  • Lift height: 3850 mm
  • Free lift: 150 mm
  • Fork carriage: 1800 mm
  • gebrauchtes Standard-Hubgerüst mit Gabelträger und Doppelzusatzhydraulik, ohne Gabelzinken, passend für Linde E 60/1279

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Overall condition
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FEM 4.004 New
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