Route trains Linde LT16 Ch/BMh

Route trains Linde LT16 Ch/BMh

1600 kg

115 mm


Robust outdoor train - indestructible and versatile outdoors

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Product description

With their robust construction and large outdoor tires, the LT16 Ch/BMh logistics trailers are the perfect solution for transporting goods outdoors. They are designed for long distances and can cope with even the most difficult ground conditions. Thanks to the robust two-axle design, the tugger trains can transport loads of up to 1.6 tons. The trailers are available in two versions: Ch-frame with fork tines and BMh-frame with adjustable center bars. Both variants are equipped with a hydraulic lifting function. Both trailers can be used to transport different load types on corresponding trolleys, for example pallets, pallet cages or larger containers. The optional overrun brakes enable maximum performance even on steep ground. 


The LT16 Ch/BMh are equipped with a collision lock to secure the transported goods. It prevents operators from setting the logistics train in motion with the loading frame lowered. The trailer's lowering mechanism is deactivated during travel. Each loading frame has a mechanical load lock to keep the load securely in position while driving. The frames are equipped with robust super-elastic wheels (SE wheels) with a diameter of 368 mm and a width of 115 mm. They dampen shocks and vibrations and ensure that the LT16 Ch/BMh can cope with uneven ground and potholes. Optional overrun brakes enable safe operation on steep slopes. Equipment options for lighting and weather protection provide additional safety and protection.

  • Collision lock with lowered loading frame
  • Deactivated lowering mechanism while driving
  • Mechanical load lock for a secure hold
  • Large, robust SE wheels for outdoor use
  • Optional overrun brakes for steep slopes

The ergonomic features of the LT16 Ch/BMh make load handling as comfortable as possible. Loading and unloading the load frames at ground level relieves the operator and reduces the risk of physical discomfort caused by repeated lifting and setting down of the load. The loading frames are locked automatically after insertion, the unlocking mechanism is positioned at an ergonomic height and can be easily operated with the foot. This minimizes the strain on the operator, especially with frequent unlocking. The Ch frame of the logistics tug has an ergonomic ejection mechanism that pushes the load away from the back of the forks as soon as the operator releases the lock using the foot switch.

  • Ground-level loading and unloading of trailers
  • Automatic locking of the loading frames
  • Can be conveniently unlocked by foot
  • Ch-frame with ergonomic ejection mechanism

Thanks to the trailers' mechanical all-wheel steering, the LT16 Ch/BMh can be steered with extreme precision. The tugger trains are therefore characterized by small turning circles, directional stability and tipping stability. The automatic lifting function is particularly time-saving: when the driver gets into the towing vehicle, the loading frames are automatically lifted for transportation. When the driver leaves the vehicle, they are lowered again. For a flexible, convenient loading process, the BMh frames can be loaded and unloaded from both sides. The center bars can be moved to transport loads of different sizes with one frame. This is also possible with the Ch frames thanks to the adjustable forks. Optional connecting hoses with stopcocks ensure that the trailers can be uncoupled from the towing vehicle even when raised.

  • Precise steering thanks to all-wheel steering
  • Automatic raising and lowering of the loading frames
  • BMh frame: Loading and unloading from both sides
  • Trailer can optionally be uncoupled when raised

The LT16 Ch/BMh are optimized for reliability and low maintenance. The simple frame design of the trailers requires few components, which minimizes the service effort and keeps maintenance costs low. The two-axle design of the trailers is easily accessible for the service technician. The drawbar and coupling system is virtually wear-free. In addition, the maintenance intervals of the trailers and tractor unit can be synchronized, thus reducing downtimes.

  • Simultaneous maintenance of trailers and tractor unit
  • Simple frame design with few components
  • Easy access for quick service work
  • Virtually wear-free components

Model overview

Load capacity/load
Lifting function
Total length
Total width
1,6 (t)
- (mm)
- (mm)
- (mm)
1,6 (t)
80 (mm)
4218 (mm)
1540 (mm)

Special equipment

weather protection

A tarpaulin roof is available for Ch and BMh frames, which can be pulled over the frames. It can be opened on one side for the Ch frames and on both sides for the BMh frames.

rear lighting

A four-function LED tail light set (blinker, tail light, brake light, license plate light) with magnetic holder and two lights is available. The clear glass housing is waterproof and certified to e4 and ISO 1724.

rotating beacon

A flashing light can be fitted to the trailer as a warning light so that the logistics train is also visible in the dark.

overrun brake

Mechanical braking system in conjunction with a drum brake for ramps and particularly steep slopes. This guarantees a safe ride even with a maximum load.

dirt catcher

The tires can be fitted with a mud flap to prevent contamination in interior areas that are driven through.

Light tires

The frames are fitted with dark heavy-duty SE wheels (368×115) as standard. Light-colored, non-marking wheels are also available as an option.

The standard lifting height of the trailers is 80 mm. For special applications, the frames can be supplied with a lifting height of 115 mm.

penetration protection

The space between the frames can be secured with a safety strap to prevent the trailer drawbar from being climbed over. The strap can also be retrofitted.

increased payload

It is possible to increase the payload of the Ch frame to up to four tons.

connection hose with stopcock

If the stopcock is closed when raised, the frames remain raised so that the towing vehicle can be uncoupled easily.


For all tugger train models, Linde offers trolleys in many designs for a wide variety of loads. For example, they can be equipped with modular shelf superstructures.

logistic train controller

The tugger train guidance system coordinates the driving orders and provides the drivers with the optimal routes. The software's dashboard shows all essential information at a glance and enables analyses for process optimization.

Videos & Pictures

Technical data

Drive type


Load capacity (kg)


Lifting height (mm)


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