Explosion-proof vehicles

Small spark - big effect! In the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, but also in agriculture, the formation of explosive gas mixtures, vapors, mists or dust clouds is not uncommon. Often a small mechanically generated spark is sufficient here and a dangerous explosion occurs. It is therefore important that your intralogistics vehicles are equipped with the right explosion protection.

Whether counterbalanced trucks, reach trucks, high-lift and low-lift trucks - our "Ex" models offer you the usual performance coupled with maximum safety in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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Explosion-proof vehicles

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Highest safety standards

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The right "Ex" device - What to look out for?

Explosion-proof Ex vehicles legislation guidelines

Legal requirements

The legislation specifies exactly which requirements an industrial truck must meet in terms of explosion protection.

Our forklifts and warehouse equipment comply with the current EU regulations for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (EN 1755) and the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

In addition, all vehicles in equipment category 2G/2D that are used in zone 1/21 are certified with all important components, devices and assemblies by an accredited, reputable test center.

Degree of explosion protection depending on intended use

An explosive atmosphere can develop very quickly due to gases, vapors or dusts. This can occur occasionally during normal operation (Zone 1/ Zone 21) or only briefly (Zone 2/22).

Linde also offers the right vehicles for these situations. Equipment in equipment category 2G/D and 3G/D is adapted precisely to the conditions at the site of operation. The respective operating conditions can be found in the explosion protection document.

Explosion-proof vehicles Intended use Chemicals
Explosion proof vehicles zones

Explosion groups and temperature classes

Our explosion-proof industrial trucks are specially designed for specific explosion groups and temperature classes. Substances, such as hydrogen, which react very sensitively, are assigned to a higher explosion group and require more extensive protective measures on the vehicles than substances assigned to a lower group.

In addition, the substances are classified according to temperature values above which they become explosive as gas or mist. Here, too, the individual components of the vehicles are equipped with appropriate protection.

What protection do Linde's Ex models offer?

The Ex-Linde vehicles are specially designed for potentially explosive atmospheres and combine the advantages of standard vehicles with comprehensive explosion protection measures.

Explosion Proof Vehicles EX Model Linde Protection

Electrical equipment such as motors, controls, sensors, switches or displays are protected by various types of ignition protection.

Mechanical equipment can be protected by design measures to prevent the formation of mechanical sparks in forks and brakes. However, whether this is necessary must be assessed on an individual basis. Protection of plastic components such as floor mats, tires, tanks and seat covers against dangerous electrostatic charging is also ensured.

Electronic temperature monitoring also prevents the build-up of high temperatures that occur under extreme operating conditions.

Special equipment? No problem!

Even with the ex-models, you don't have to do without innovative technology. From the "Linde connect" fleet management system and "Linde BlueSpot" to the new "Linde VertiLight" work lights, you can choose from all optional extras, assistance systems and safety features. This means that your explosion-protected vehicles are in no way inferior to your standard vehicles in terms of comfort and safety.

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Competent service and comprehensive spare parts supply - also for "ex" vehicles

Explosion Proof Vehicles EX Model Linde Protection

In order to be able to carry out service work on Ex vehicles, special training is required in accordance with the internationally applicable Ex protection regulations. The service technicians from GRUMA have this qualification and ensure that your explosion-protected vehicle always remains ready for operation and passes the regular tests required by law.

Your vehicle has broken down and you need a specific spare part? Thanks to our 24/7 supply, the right original spare parts - even for explosion-proof vehicles - are available to you at any time. And the best part? Even after series discontinuation, they remain available for you.

NEW: The EX Monitoring App

All important parameters at a glance

Employee holds cell phone with EX monitoring app in hand

When working in an explosive atmosphere, even small ignition sources can trigger dangerous detonations. Therefore, according to the ATEX regulation, consistently defined, safety-relevant parameters must be monitored when operating industrial trucks.

The new EX monitoring app displays all safety-relevant values and errors and provides specific recommendations for action. This helps forklift drivers and fleet managers to operate the vehicle safely and without failures. In addition, maintenance, diagnostics and repairs are easier to perform.

Frequently asked questions about explosion-proof vehicles

Explosion-proof vehicles are machines that are specially designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. These areas include, for example, the chemical and food industries or agriculture.
The abbreviation "Ex" is used on industrial trucks to identify explosion-protected vehicles.
An "ex"-protected vehicle must meet certain legal requirements. These include the current EU regulations (EN 1755) and the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. In addition, devices in device category 2G/2D that are used in zone 1/21 must be approved by a certified test center.
You can also choose between several optional extras, assistance systems and safety features for the "Ex" models from Linde.

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