Shelving systems for your warehouse

A clever organization system not only facilitates work processes, but also speeds them up. Every company has different requirements for its warehouse.

Whether you need a conventional small parts warehouse or a fully automated warehouse - as an expert in the field of racking, we will support you in planning a storage system that is perfectly tailored to your needs. For maximum efficiency and productivity, we will also be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable equipment and protective devices.

And we won't leave you on your own afterwards either: our service team is available to you at any time for rack inspections and repair work.

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Shelving systems for your warehouse

Your advantages

Wide range: shelves for every weight, size and space requirements

Automated and static solutions

New planning, reconstruction and extension of shelving systems

Extensive service offer (shelf inspection, repairs, etc.)

Maximum saving of storage capacity

The right solution for every warehouse - guaranteed!

From small to large - shelving systems where everything finds its place

Competent advice from our GRUMA experts

Shelving systems for your warehouse

As a full-range supplier in the field of racking systems, we offer you a comprehensive product portfolio. From robust pallet racks to classic shelf racks and automatic storage systems.

Pallet rack storage of pallet with high rack stacker

Pallet racks

Pallet racks are suitable for a wide variety of storage types, such as wide-aisle or high-bay warehouses, and are still the ideal solution for storing palletized goods and stored goods in mesh boxes. They can be flexibly adapted to all spatial conditions, are extremely robust and offer plenty of space for stored goods in almost all sizes and weights.

Advantages of pallet racks:

  • Direct access to each pallet
  • Particularly stable and resilient
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Easy adjustment possibility in case of assortment change
  • Simple stock control
Blue drive-in rack pallet storage

Drive-in racks

Drive-in racks allow compact storage of pallets on several adjacent and superimposed channels. They are particularly suitable for the storage of large quantities of similar products and for the storage of particularly pressure-sensitive goods. The drive-in rack has only one open side from which the rack can be operated(LIFO principle).

Advantages of drive-in racks:

  • Ideal for large quantities of the same pallets or batches
  • Optimal for seasonal or buffer storage
  • Excellent use of space
  • Safe block storage for sensitive stored goods

Flow racks

Flow racks are first loaded with pallets or totes from one side. On slightly inclined roller conveyors, the goods then move automatically to the other end of the rack due to gravity and are thus directly available for unloading again (FIFO principle). With the Push Back system, storage according to the LIFO principle is also possible.

Advantages of flow racks:

  • Compact storage on a small footprint
  • Increase storage capacity
  • Ideal for tour provisioning, faster order processing
  • With push-back system also LIFO possible
Shelf empty


Shelf racks are suitable for light to medium loads and have a wide range of uses. They are used where picking is done manually. The extensive range of accessories (from shelf dividers to clothes rails) makes them universal geniuses that offer an individual solution for almost every industry.

Advantages of shelving:

  • High load-bearing capacity of the shelves due to special bending
  • Versatile application possibilities with extensive accessories
  • Flexibly expandable
  • Ideal for manual picking

Wide span racks

Wide span racks are suitable for the use of heavy and bulky goods. They are used wherever classic shelving is no longer sufficient, but pallet racking would still be oversized. Wide span racks can be flexibly adapted to different requirements and are the perfect basis for multi-level systems.

Advantages of wide span racks:

  • High stability at low cost
  • Especially for the storage of heavy or bulky goods
  • Flexible compartment width and height
  • Perfect basis for multi-storey facilities
  • Simple and fast assembly
Warehouse stage blue stairs

Storage platforms

Storage platforms are steel platforms through which new storage space in the room height can be easily opened up according to the needs. The space gained can be used as storage, production or office space. Storage platforms can be used to react flexibly to changing requirements, as they can be expanded, converted or relocated.

Advantages of storage platforms:

  • High flexibility due to modular design
  • Doubling of the work surface through efficient use of the room height
  • High load capacity with different spans
  • Extensive range of accessories

Multi-story facilities

Wide span racking and shelving are also suitable for the construction of multi-level racking systems. Depending on the requirements, the flexible racking systems can be supplemented with platforms, walkways and stairs, thus utilizing the entire hall height. Both systems can also be combined with each other as desired.

Advantages of multi-story facilities:

  • Optimal utilization of the hall height
  • Extensive range of accessories guarantees versatile use
  • Combination of different shelving systems for a storage solution tailored to your needs
Automatic Pallet Storage Shuttle System

Automatic pallet warehouse

A pallet shuttle system consists of a channel storage system and a pallet shuttle, which takes over the transport of pallets in the rack. The shuttle automatically ensures optimum storage density and effective and time-saving handling of pallets in the rack.

Advantages of automatic pallet warehouses:

  • Compact storage as well as effective utilization of the storage space
  • Safe and efficient handling of pallets in the rack
  • Long running and low charging times of the shuttle thanks to operation with lithium-ion batteries

Cantilever racks

Cantilever racks are designed for the storage of long goods. In addition to storing pipes, boards and bars, they are also suitable for storing plates and discs. Cantilever racks can be operated from one or both sides and are suitable for light, medium and heavy loads.

Advantages of cantilever racks:

  • Safe and clear storage of long goods
  • Suitable for light, medium and heavy loads
  • Extension possible at any time without problems
  • Long goods cassettes provide improved storage options

Mobile racks / mobile shelving

In mobile racking, pallet, cantilever or shelving racks are mounted on mobile, rail-guided carriages or slides. These can be moved laterally, allowing individual aisles to be opened or closed. The space that is actually needed for the rack aisles can thus become storage space.

Advantages of mobile and transfer racks:

  • Very good utilization of space
  • Manual and automatic operation, also via the warehouse management system
  • Lower operating costs
  • Short working distances
Panorama Modula Lift in store

Modula Lift automatic storage system

With the Modula Lift automatic vertical storage solution, you can make the most of your storage space. The automatic storage system is suitable for storing a wide variety of products and can be used in many industries. Our experienced experts will be happy to advise you on the possible applications in your business.

Advantages of the Modula Lift automatic storage system:

  • Optimal use of space thanks to the release of area
  • Improved management of inventories
  • Increase safety and reduce risks
Shelf assembly Weihenstephan hall
Man advises woman on new construction remodeling expansion of her shelving system

The right solution for every project

Whether you are planning a new building, a conversion or an extension of your existing shelving system, we will be happy to support you in the implementation and planning of your project.

Simply contact us by phone, e-mail or via our form and tell us about your project. We will help you find the right solution for you.

GRUMA rack assembly at Weihenstephan in fast motion

Construction of a semi-automatic pallet shuttle system


All our shelving systems at a glance

Our services around your shelving system

Even after the implementation of a racking system, we are always there for you: from testing to repair and maintenance to the appropriate training. At GRUMA, you get everything from a single source.

Inspector with high-visibility vest during rack inspection High rack with tires

Shelf inspection

Shelf testing or inspection is required by law in a company. We inspect the racks in your warehouse during operation.

Shelf service high dismantling and assembly

Shelf service

All GRUMA services for your racks compactly at a glance: from maintenance and repairs to planning new racks.

Preview image Crash protection Rack Protection Sensor from Linde

Ramming and collision protection for racks

The Rack Protection Sensor prevents a collision between forklift and rack when loading goods by automatically braking.

Woman hangs in rope PSA

Rappel training high rack stacker

For the inexperienced, rappelling from high-bay stackers can quickly become dangerous. We train your employees in safe handling.

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Frequently asked questions about shelving systems

GRUMA currently offers the following shelving systems:

  • Pallet racks
  • Drive-in racks
  • Flow racks
  • Shelving
  • Wide span racks
  • Storage platforms
  • Multi-story facilities
  • Automatic pallet warehouse
  • Cantilever racks
  • Mobile racks / mobile shelving
  • Modula Lift automatic storage system

Collision damage is a major source of annoyance for warehouse managers. Impact protection can provide a remedy here. In addition to classic protection elements, digital collision protection can also be used for this purpose. As the only manufacturer on the market to date, Linde Material Handling has developed the Rack Protection Sensor especially for its reach trucks. This automatically reduces the speed as soon as the truck approaches the rack during storage and retrieval.

Companies and their stored goods are subject to constant change. In this respect, the requirements for a racking system can also change over time, making it necessary to convert or expand the system. A common adaptation here is, for example, the conversion of a pallet rack to a push-through rack. Are you planning a conversion or an extension soon? We will be happy to support you in planning and implementing your project. Simply contact us by phone, e-mail or form and tell us how you would like to restructure your shelving system. We will be happy to advise you on the various conversion and expansion options.
Whether automating your racking system makes sense depends on various individual factors. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of automated warehousing in your operation. Simply contact us by phone, e-mail or via our contact form and tell us about your concerns.

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