Instruction pedestrian industrial trucks

Accidents are not uncommon when handling pedestrian-controlled industrial trucks - this is shown by accident reports received by the employers' liability insurance associations. It is therefore important to instruct employees about the hazards and the correct operation of pedestrian industrial trucks.

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Instruction pedestrian industrial trucks
Woman pulling high lift truck

Course of the training

Theoretical part (approx. 4 hours)

  • Stability
  • Accident examples
  • Correct operation
  • Daily operational test
  • Proper charging of the battery
  • Care and maintenance

Practical part

  • Instruction on the vehicle
  • Daily operational test

The theoretical part and the practical exercise are carried out at your site.

Safe operation with GRUMA

We come to you: GRUMA Inhouse Training

You would like to train several employees in your company? We can also hold seminars on your premises on request. This way, your employees can also learn to drive with their own equipment and in familiar surroundings. 

Man pulling pallet jack while retrieving pallets from racks in warehouse

Training details

Participant group: Operators of pedestrian-controlled devices / tiller-guided devices

Prerequisites: Physical and mental fitness, minimum age: 18 years.

Group size: Up to max. 20 people

Training duration: Approx. 4 hours

Catering at the GRUMA Academy Beverages

Your service package: This is what you get with the training course

  • Soft drinks and coffee for the entire duration of the training course
  • Training materials
  • Qualified and experienced trainers
  • Latest technology
  • Certificate of attendance

These pedestrian industrial trucks are trained by us

Low lift truck

The low-lift pallet truck is suitable for moving pallets and is pulled by a drawbar. Compared to hand pallet trucks, low-lift trucks are electrically driven and thus facilitate the transport of heavy loads. With us you will learn the correct driving of low lift trucks. 

High lift truck

In contrast to the low lift truck, the high lift truck also has a mast. Thus, horizontal transport and vertical transport is possible, for example, for pallet storage in racks. We show you the correct handling of high lift trucks. 


Do you still have questions?

The staff at the GRUMA Academy will be happy to help you



Legal basis

Regulation Industrial Trucks Accident Prevention Regulation

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Training and assignment of drivers of industrial trucks with driver's seat and driver's stand

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Principles of prevention

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Training Program of the GRUMA Academy 2023

4 x 4 Merkregel Pedestrian Powered Industrial Trucks | Daily Operational Test

Template Operating Instructions | Handling of Pedestrian Powered Industrial Trucks

Template written assignment for driving industrial trucks | Written driving assignment

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