Crane certificate

According to DGUV regulation 52, only persons "who [...] have been instructed in the operation and maintenance of a crane and have demonstrated their ability to do so" may operate a crane. You will receive the appropriate proof of this with our crane operator training. Here, participants acquire comprehensive knowledge - both theoretical and practical - in the safe handling of cranes .

In addition to the one-day classroom course, we also offer an online version. The content of the theory training can be easily completed online. It is therefore up to the participant to decide when and where they would like to complete the training. The exam (theory + practice) as well as the practical exercise is taken on an afternoon at the training location of your choice.

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Your advantages at a glance

Also available online as a crane certificate

Full flexibility - learn when and where you want

Clever learning concept with pictures, videos and final quiz

Increase safety in operation and save costs

Presence or online?

Crane license (in presence)

Crane certificate online

Contents of crane operator training

Crane operation

1. theory training

  • Definition and terms of cranes
  • Types of cranes
  • Regulations, requirements for the crane operator
  • Accident Prevention Regulation DGUV Regulation 52
  • Load suspension devices DGUV Regel 100-500 Chap. 2.08
  • Positive stop & force stop
  • Testing and discard readiness of load handling attachments and slings
  • Slinging loads
  • Accident statistics
  • Movies
  • Knowledge test

2. theoretical exam

3. practical exercise

  • Instruction on the crane
  • Exercises

4. practical examination

Event details

Operators of overhead cranes (hall cranes), pillar cranes and rail-mounted trolleys

Physical and mental fitness
Minimum age 18 years
German language skills, written and spoken
Knowledge of using the Internet, PC, laptop and smartphone (online course only)
Possibility of sound output on the device used (online course only).

Group size:
Up to max. 15 persons

On-site training duration:
Classroom course: 07:30 -16:30
Online course: 14:00 - 16:30

Your service package

  • Soft drinks and coffee for the entire duration of the training on site
  • Hot lunch (face-to-face course only)
  • Training materials
  • Qualified trainers
  • Latest technology
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Ticket

Do you still have questions?

The staff at the GRUMA Academy will be happy to help you



Why do the crane certificate online?

Thanks to our online crane training, you have maximum flexibility . Not only do you decide when and where you do the training, you can also complete it at your own pace. Our clever learning concept guarantees a fun, varied training course including comprehensive knowledge transfer.

IPhone lies on notebook

Using capacities efficiently and flexibly

In everyday business life, it often happens that an employee spontaneously has free capacity. These idle times can now be used efficiently with the help of our online training, as the participant works through the training bit by bit.

This allows flexible integration into the daily work routine without any problems, which reduces the planning effort for managers to a minimum. Of course, it is also possible to complete the training in one day.

Individual learning at your own pace

In a training course, you will meet participants who already have experience with the subject matter as well as complete beginners. Doing justice to all participants is often a balancing act.

With our online training, participants can work through the learning material at their own pace and no longer have to adapt to the speed of other training participants. This means that content can be repeated as often as desired or worked on over several days.

Clever learning concept

No one is enthusiastic about dry, boring training. When we created our online training, we therefore made sure that it was as varied as possible.

Our speaker Wolfgang guides the participants through the training with a lot of humor and vivid examples. In addition, interactive diagrams, explanatory videos and quizzes are used to liven up the training.

Thanks to our final and lesson quizzes, it is also possible to guarantee that only participants who have understood the content of the training can take the on-site exam.

Procedure for online crane training

Online training step 1

Step 1: Log in

You can register for the crane certificate online quickly and easily via our training calendar. Simply select the date at the training location where you would like to take the theoretical and practical examination. Please allow sufficient time to complete the online theory course. You will then receive your login details for the training portal by e-mail after booking. 

Online training step 2

Step 2: Conduct course

To complete the training course, please log in to the training portal with your login details. The online training consists of various lessons. These must all be passed 100% in order to unlock the next lesson. To test your knowledge from all the lessons, the online theory course ends with a final quiz. Only those who answer at least 80 percent of the questions correctly qualify for the theory test on site. You will automatically receive a certificate for this to the e-mail address you have provided. 

Online training step 3

Step 3: Take the exam

Have you passed the final quiz? Great! You can now take the theoretical and practical ex ams. Please come to the venue on the date you have booked. You can find the exact date and time on your order confirmation.

Frequently asked questions about the crane certificate online

Cranes within the meaning of this accident prevention regulation are hoisting devices that can lift loads with a load-bearing device and additionally move them in one or more directions.

(2) Truck-mounted loading cranes within the meaning of this accident prevention regulation are truck-mounted cranes that are built and intended primarily for loading and unloading the loading area of the vehicle, whose load moment does not exceed 30 mt and whose boom length does not exceed 15 m.

(3) Truck-mounted cranes within the meaning of this accident prevention regulation are truck-mounted cranes that are equipped with devices for the operational attachment to and removal from trucks.

(4) Long log loading cranes within the meaning of this accident prevention regulation are truck loading cranes intended for lifting logs which, because of their length, cannot be lifted at the center of gravity of the log and therefore require pulling, pushing or levering in addition to lifting for loading.

(5) For the purposes of this accident prevention regulation, stacker cranes are cranes with guided load handling attachments that are designed and intended both to insert loads into or remove them from racks and to move them freely in space.

(6) Cranes within the meaning of this accident prevention regulation are not
1. Industrial trucks including their attachments,
2. Lifting platforms,
3. Equipment and installations for rack servicing,
4. Installations subject to the Elevator Ordinance,
5. Suspended railroads,
6. Equipment for forestry rope hauling,
7. Industrial robots,
8. Manipulators,
9. Lifting devices in which the actuators of the control devices are located directly on the load handling device and whose lifting path does not exceed 1.5 m,
10. Automatic stackers, setting machines and removal devices in the building materials industry,
11. Skip loaders,
12. Patient lifting devices.

(7) For the purposes of this accident prevention regulation, cranes are considered to be
1. mobile, if they can be used at changing locations,
2. manually operated, if the lifting motion and all other crane motions are effected by muscular power,
3. Partially power-operated, if only the lifting motion or one or more other crane motions are power-operated,
4. Power-operated, if in addition to the lifting motion at least one other crane motion is power-operated,
5. Program-controlled, if one or more crane motions run automatically according to a predefined program.


The "Crane Certificate Online" includes the following services: 

  • Theory training (online)
  • Practical exercise
  • Theoretical and practical exam
  • Ticket
  • Minimum age: 18 years (for educational purposes, participation from 16 years is also possible).
  • Mental and physical fitness
  • Sufficient German language skills, both written and spoken
  • Knowledge of the use of the Internet, PC, laptop and smartphone

All you need to carry out the training is a PC or tablet with Internet access and the ability to play audio. 

Our "Crane Certificate Online" is made up of various lessons. At the end of each lesson, the level of knowledge is tested by means of a quiz. Only when a participant has passed this 100% can they start the next lesson.

Once all lessons have been successfully completed, the final quiz can be taken. The participant must answer at least 80 percent of the questions correctly in order to receive the certificate for the online theory training. It is therefore not possible to click through the training course quickly.

The time required to complete the online theory course depends primarily on the participant's personal prior knowledge and individual learning speed. On average, around 3 hours can be scheduled here. Depending on how busy the course is, a time slot of 2 hours can be scheduled for the on-site practice.

It is possible to create several participants via a shared e-mail address.

If you have any questions while working through the online training course, you are welcome to contact our colleagues at the GRUMA Academy at any time: GRUMA Academy: Tel: 0821 78000 2444 E-mail: [email protected] You also have the opportunity to clarify in-depth questions of understanding with an experienced trainer before the exam on site.
You can find our training portal at

Click on "Forgotten login details" on the page. You will then receive your new password by e-mail to the e-mail address you provided.


Training Program of the GRUMA Academy 2023

Template written assignment to control cranes

Operating Instructions Template | Handling Cranes

Template Operating Instructions | Handling Slings

Written order | Slinging of loads

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