Forklift tire service

Forklifts are used on a wide variety of terrains. Whether in the hall, on the company premises, in rough hilly terrain or in the snow: the examples of how a forklift truck can be used know no bounds. This makes the right tires all the more important. With our forklift tire service, we cover all services related to the tire and rim of the forklift.

Tip: In our online store you can now also find the right forklift tire for your forklift model. Simply select tire size and manufacturer and order your desired model directly online.

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Good reasons for forklift tire replacement by GRUMA

Shortest downtimes due to exchange rim

Fast forklift tire assembly on site

Waste tire disposal included

Rims press for forklift tires

The GRUMA tire service - more than just a wheel change

We take care of the forklift tire change for you! Our tire experts take care of the speedy mounting of your tires on site and the disposal of the old tires. With our tire press, we can press the new tire onto the old rim in the shortest possible time. You don't have to worry about anything when changing forklift tires!

Our services around the forklift tire

Changing a forklift tire on a Linde forklift truck

Changing the forklift tire

When changing forklift tires, we offer various services: 

  • Forklift wheel change
  • Adjustment of the lift mast chain

Checks (optional): 

  • Engine oil level
  • Coolant level
  • Fork wear with gauge
  • Leaf chain wear with gauge
  • Lubrication condition of attachment / steering axle
  • Cleaning windshield
  • All-round visibility
Reconditioning forklift tire rim

Reconditioning of forklift tire rims

A high-quality condition of a rim is not only visually an eye-catcher, but also important for the durability of the rim. We professionally prepare your rims and repaint them. During an inspection, cracks or collision damage are detected. Then the forklift rims are washed, sanded and painted in your desired color. 

Regrooving forklift tires on the Linde forklift truck

Recutting forklift tires

Save money, raw materials and fuel by regrooving your forklift tire. Regrooving forklift tires is an efficient way to easily increase their mileage. We are professionals in all aspects of forklift tires and will regroove your tires quickly and routinely. 

Forklift tire warehouse

Disposal of your old forklift tires

Disposing of your old forklift tires doesn't have to be your problem - we'll be happy to do it for you. 

Forklift tire change with customer in the background
Continental Service Partner Certificate

We are a certified Continental Service Partner

We use specialized and trained employees for the assembly of forklift tires. Our forklift tire team can provide you with competent and individual advice on any questions concerning forklift tires and beyond. The timely fulfillment of our orders is a matter of course. Our workshop, equipped with special tools, is always clean and tidy. By participating in the Continental LifeCycle process, we support environmental protection.

How the terrain determines the tire

It is very important to choose the right tire for the forklift. Besides safety aspects, there are differences in ride comfort, traction, suspension, durability and price, among others. Forklift tires for (smooth) indoor floors must logically differ from tires for off-road use. The uneven, often dirty and wet terrain requires a forklift tire with a large tread and suspension, so that even large loads can be moved safely off-road thanks to traction. Pneumatic tires are usually used here.

Forklift tire profile in detail
Stacker with spare part on rim

Solid rubber tires or SE tires indoors

Forklifts used indoors are usually fitted with solid rubber or super-elastic tires, as they are more resistant than pneumatic tires and are suitable for smooth floors. On the other hand, they are less resistant to impact, but this is not an issue in halls. However, these tires cannot withstand high speeds, which is why pneumatic tires are used on diesel forklifts above 25 km/h.

Markus Hamberger

Do you still have questions?

Our forklift tire experts are also there for you when it comes to other tire sizes or brands



Team leader forklift tire service

Forklift tires: features and differences

Your forklift needs this tire

Solid tires Continental

Full Tire

Solid tires are recommended for demanding applications, low speeds as well as a high risk of damage to the forklift tire. The very stable and cut-resistant solid tires are almost maintenance-free and can also transport heavy weight. In addition to forklifts, sideloaders and other industrial vehicles, for example, also benefit from the robust tire. 

Industrial pneumatic tires from Continental

Industrial pneumatic tires

The pneumatic tire is ideally suited for all surfaces and is an optimal tire for the forklift. The good traction and the resulting favorable handling as well as a low rolling resistance speak for the pneumatic tire. Areas of application for a pneumatic tire can be, for example, the forklift or heavy-duty transport. 

OTR pneumatic tires from Continental

OTR pneumatic tires

OTR pneumatic tires are available for large equipment from 24″. The very resistant tires have a high driving comfort and thus protect the driver and the transported load. Very large industrial vehicles and heavy duty forklifts are application areas of the OTR pneumatic tire. 

Frequently asked questions about forklift tires

The tire of the forklift truck should be changed when it has reached the limit of travel or 60-joule bar or it is damaged.

Solid rubber or pneumatic tires
There is no distinction between summer tires and winter tires on forklifts. When the tread is worn to the limit, the forklift tire must be replaced.
Most forklifts probably drive classically in halls, where the floor is often very slippery. The ground can also be slippery in open-air areas, but can be strongly influenced by the weather (e.g. rain, black ice). For rough and uneven terrain, such as gravel or crushed stone, forklift tires are also suitable.

The choice of tires is determined by the duration of daily use of the tire. In 8-16 hour two-shift operation, only mid-range to premium class forklift tires are necessary. In three-shift operation, however, there is a continuous load. Here, we recommend premium tires only.

The industry and the work equipment with which a forklift tire comes into contact also influence the choice of tire. In recycling companies, for example, it is recommended not to use high-quality tires. Here, there is a risk of cuts from parts lying around, such as iron sheets.

You want to know what is needed in your industry? Ask the expert now!

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