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The "Compact Energy Course" is aimed at anyone who wants to reduce electricity costs and take their energy efficiency to the next level. Speaker Wolfgang routinely guides you through the topic of energy optimization for companies. At the end, you'll not only know how to reduce electricity costs, but also how an AI-based system can help you organize energy consumption in a future-oriented way.

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Higher energy costs in 2024 - react now!

Recent developments promise challenging times in the area of energy costs. Just like private individuals, companies are also affected by rising costs for electricity, gas, oil and all other fossil fuels.

The reason for the higher costs is the increased CO2 price, rising grid fees, the abolition of the energy price brake and the increase in VAT on gas from seven to 19 percent. Companies should therefore pay even more attention to energy efficiency and optimal energy management. To achieve this, energy procurement, storage and consumption must be ideally coordinated. AI-based systems, such as the Ifesca system, can help energy managers with this.

If you want to take your energy management to the next level, we recommend the "Compact Energy Course". This online training course summarizes the most important points relating to energy optimization for companies. The course is aimed at anyone who wants to reduce electricity costs and improve energy efficiency. Participants learn how to reduce electricity costs, which funding options are available and how an AI-based system organizes energy consumption in a future-oriented way.

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The energy management advanced training teaches:

  • What is energy management and what benefits does it bring?
  • Why are peak loads so expensive and how can we avoid them?
  • What is the energy market and how can I use it?
  • How do AI-based energy management systems work?
  • What funding opportunities are available?

After this energy management training, you will know:

  • How do I optimize the energy flow in the company?
  • What funding opportunities are available?
  • How does an energy management system work?
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A little look into the product

For more energy efficiency


Reduce costs

Future-oriented work

Driving forward the energy turnaround

Modern energy management

Use resources efficiently

All details about the energy management training

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Prize for "Compact Energy Course

59,00 € (plus VAT)

Included in the price: Extensive download material, glossary and checklist for helpful immediate measures.

Duration: about 75 minutes


  • Knowledge of the use of the Internet, PC, laptop and smartphone
  • Possibility of sound output on the device used

Contents of the energy management training

  • Immediate measures and calculation example
  • Legal basis
  • What is an energy management system (EMS)?
  • How do peak loads occur and why should we avoid them?
  • What are EnPIs and how can I use them?
  • Can I actively trade on the energy market?
  • How do AI-based systems work?
  • Funding opportunities
  • Extensive download material
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Frequently asked questions about the energy management seminar

Energy managers, energy officers, EMS coordinators, energy administrators, energy specialists, process and quality managers, and anyone who wants to reduce corporate energy costs and optimize energy efficiency.

Approx. 75 minutes

Access to the online training is valid for 45 days from booking.

Internet access, Internet-enabled computer, laptop or tablet with audio capability.

GRUMA Academy: Tel: 0821 78000 2444; e-mail: [email protected]


Do you still have questions?

The staff at the GRUMA Academy will be happy to help you



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