In the age of online commerce and Industry 4.0, companies require ever faster workflows and the quantities to be produced are increasing immensely. Companies are therefore forced to rethink and automate process flows. This reduces costs and increases efficiency and occupational safety. Our needs-based consulting identifies the potentials in your process chain and at the same time offers a solution / implementation.

Warehouse with high rack tires intralogistics and Linde forklift trucks

Your advantages

Increased occupational safety prevents damage to people and machines

High cost savings through optimized processes

Processes become manageable - thus increased work performance of your employees

GRUMA Intralogistics Consulting

We show you problems and potentials

Process diagram five steps intralogistics

During an initial visit, we analyze the current state of your company and collect data for an assessment of potential and possible process improvements.

Based on our observations of the current state and other data, we create an assessment of your current situation. This assessment shows in detail all the fields in which there is potential for optimization in your company.

In the planning phase, the previously collected results are analyzed and processed into a concept. We find solutions to optimize your internal situation. All factors are included in the planning, e.g. your warehouse, your employees, existing and possible technical solutions, etc.

Finally, we implement the parts of our concept you have requested in your company.

After successful implementation of the measures proposed by us, a regular control follows, so that the achievement of your goals is ensured and the processes can be further optimized.

Consulting services

Planning material flow four men

Material flow planning

Your warehouse is set up in a modern way, but your employees do not yet know where the fastest transport routes are and which products are stocked on which shelves? We analyze all your material flows, give concrete recommendations for action and implement them. 

Safety & assistance systems

Our safety consulting looks at all factors of your warehouse, analyzes and identifies danger points. Together with you, we optimize your processes with regard to the current state of safety. Clever assistance systems support you in this.

Digital solutions on the smartphone

Digital solutions

Start the digital age with us. From forklift control systems, warehouse management systems to fleet management solutions: We advise you on the various digital solutions and thus digitalize your processes in the company together with you.

Energy management

Intelligent energy management prevents unnecessary consumption and CO2 emissions. Well thought-out charging systems and charging strategies, intelligent storage planning and forward-looking battery technology make your fleet the consumption champion. 

Our product variety

With these products we optimize your logistics

Preview automated guided vehicles in the warehouse

Automated guided vehicles - Automation

Forklifts that drive by themselves and transport goods from A to B as well as store and retrieve them. This is no longer science fiction. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are available for every application scenario and can usually be integrated effortlessly into your existing workflows. 

Narrow aisle storage solutions

Narrow aisles are traffic routes for industrial trucks between high-bay warehouses with a clear aisle width of approx. 1,400 to 2,100 mm. These restricted traffic routes require special vehicles that move exclusively and optionally automatically in the narrow aisle. 

Shelving system blue from GRUMA

Shelving systems

Whether small parts storage or complex racking system - we supply everything from a single source: from robust pallet racking to large-shelf racking, drive-in pallet racking, shelf racking, cantilever racking or mobile racking systems, flow racking to shuttle systems. Plan your warehousing with us!

Linde tug with load

Tugger trains | Tugger train solutions

A tugger train usually consists of a tractor vehicle and several trailer modules for the internal transport of goods. The tugger trains are suitable for all conceivable loads and transport goods - from pallets to mesh baskets to individual items. 

Transporting goods in the warehouse with reach trucks from Linde
Advice from intralogistics experts

From practice for practice

With our GRUMA Intralogistics Team, we complement and support the range of vehicles from Linde MH that you have been familiar with up to now by adding further options which, after detailed consultation and planning, result in a coherent overall concept. With us, you have a contact partner who offers you a complete solution - from conception to realization.

Due to the constant product reference to the intralogistics products and vehicles, our employees are experts in this field and can incorporate the experience with the products. The employees of the intralogistics team all come from practical experience and can therefore ideally respond to customer requirements and individual conditions.

Michael Petru

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Intralogistics management

Frequently asked questions about intralogistics

The term intralogistics describes the organization, implementation and optimization of internal material flows with the help of technology, consulting services and the analysis of information flow (personnel deployment, energy use) and is used to distinguish it from the external transport of goods.

Elements of materials handling technology (e.g. forklifts) are integrated into overarching systems.

The term Industry 4.0 stands for a future project that includes fully automated production through all-encompassing systems, cloud access and cyber-physical systems. Products are becoming more intelligent, compact and networkable. The digitalization of all processes is already state of the art today. The topic of intralogistics deals with the process view within a company. State-of-the-art communication and information technology, as well as digitally networked systems, enable highly efficient production.

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