Fire safety assistant training

When there is a fire in the company, every second counts. After all, employees must be evacuated and the source of the fire must be kept in check until the fire department arrives. To ensure effective fire protection, companies are therefore required to appoint a sufficient number of fire protection assistants to take on these tasks in an emergency.

The GRUMA Academy offers comprehensive fire protection assistant training, taking into account current legislation. Within one day, the participants learn, among other things, all important legal principles, the tasks of a fire protection assistant, as well as how to extinguish a fire with hand-held fire extinguishers.

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Fire safety assistant training

What does a fire safety assistant do?

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As the name suggests, one of the tasks of fire protection assistants is to provide support in the event of a fire and to secure the situation. This does not necessarily have to involve extinguishing a fire independently, but also includes helping and organizing the evacuation of the company.

In addition, the fire safety assistant also serves as a contact person for the fire department and assists in the prevention of fires. This also includes assisting the fire safety officer and inspecting work related to fire hazards. The fire safety assistant continuously evaluates the company's operations and attempts to identify and mitigate opportunities for improvement and potential sources of danger.

Who can become a fire safety volunteer?

In principle, anyone can become a fire safety volunteer. There are no special requirements. However, a certain interest in the subject is an advantage.

Likewise, you should keep a clear head in case of danger in order to be able to bring your colleagues safely out of the building. Quick and correct action can already extinguish an incipient fire without causing major damage to property or personal injury.

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The fire protection assistant training at GRUMA

In the training for fire protection as well as evacuation assistants, our experts impart knowledge of all relevant aspects of preventive, organizational and defensive fire protection in accordance with the German Occupational Health and Safety Act and DGUV Information 205-023 as well as VDI 4062 Evacuation of Persons in the Event of Danger.

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Contents of the fire protection assistant training

In addition to an overview of the current legal regulations, in the training for fire protection assistants you will learn the basics of operational organizational fire protection - from fire safety education to handling fire extinguishers. The evacuation of a building and the expected dangers of a fire are also addressed.

As a fire safety and evacuation assistant, you will not only be able to extinguish fires with the available tools, you will also know what measures to initiate regarding an evacuation.

Procedure of the fire protection assistant training

The fire safety assistant training consists of a theoretical and practical part. After successful completion of the theory and practice you will receive a certificate.

Theoretical part:

  • Legal basis: ArbSchG, ArbStättV, ASR A2.2, DGUV Regulation 1, DGUV Information 205-023, VDI 4062
  • Fire protection organization in the company
  • Tasks of the fire protection and evacuation assistant
    • Behavior in case of fire and evacuation
    • Quantity and equipment
  • Operational fire protection organization
    • Contents of the fire safety regulations
    • Presentation of evacuation concepts
  • Burning and extinguishing in theory and practice
    • Combustion process
    • Dangers due to fires
    • Fire classes
    • Extinguishing agents and their effect
  • Fire fighting equipment for fighting incipient fires
    • Fire fighting equipment for lay helpers
    • Mode of operation of fire extinguishers and wall hydrants
    • Mission Tactics

Practical part:

  • Handling and applications of portable fire extinguishers
  • Extinguishing tactics and limits of fire fighting with fire extinguishers

Why do the fire protection assistant training at GRUMA?

Basic training course in accordance with § 10 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG)

Drinks, lunch and snacks included

Practical training takes place on a professional fire trainer

Experienced fire safety officer from the practice

We come to you: GRUMA Inhouse Training

You would like to train several employees in your company? We can also hold seminars on your premises on request. This allows our training managers to respond directly to the conditions on site. 

Catering at the GRUMA Academy Beverages

Your service package at the GRUMA Academy

  • Soft drinks and coffee for the entire duration of the training course
  • Training materials
  • Qualified and experienced trainers
  • Certificate of attendance
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Participation requirements fire protection assistant training

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Mental and physical fitness
  • German language skills in spoken and written
  • Behavioral Characteristics: The person is expected to act responsibly, reliably, carefully and considerately

Frequently asked questions about fire safety assistant training

You can find the costs for our fire safety helper training in our event search.

There are no special prerequisites. An interest in the subject is an advantage. Likewise, in the event of danger, you should keep a clear head in order to be able to bring your colleagues safely out of the building. A quick and correct action can already extinguish the incipient fire without major damage to property or personal injury.

The fire safety assistant training takes half a seminar day. It starts at 07.30 am. Ends at around 12 noon.

In the case of a normal fire hazard, approx. 5% of the employees must be trained as fire protection assistants. However, the degree of fire hazard in your company must be checked in advance by means of a risk assessment.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, DGUV Regulation 1 and Technical Regulation for Workplaces (ASR) A2.2, the employer must ensure that firefighting measures are taken in accordance with the workplace, the operational activities and the number of employees. This also includes that the company designates employees who take over and are responsible for these measures.

According to the Technical Regulations for Workplaces (ASR) A2.2, a fire protection assistant must be appointed for one or more employees.

As a fire safety helper, you are in fact required to attend annual training. Follow-up training should take place every three to five years.

The fire safety assistant training consists of a theoretical and practical part. After successful completion of the theory and practice, you will receive a certificate. There is no examination.


Do you still have questions?

The staff at the GRUMA Academy will be happy to help you




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