Get your forklift license at GRUMA

Learning to drive forklifts flexibly - the GRUMA Academy makes it possible.

We offer courses for beginners (with hands-on practice) and advanced drivers (without hands-on practice) both face-to-face, online, and at your location. 

In the first part of our training, our qualified trainers first teach participants the theoretical basics of operating a forklift truck. In the second part, practical use with various forklifts is then practiced and taken in the form of a driving test.

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Get your forklift license at GRUMA

Your advantages at a glance

Also available as online training

Full flexibility - learn when and where you want

Clever learning concept with pictures, videos and final quiz

Increase safety in operation and save costs

Presence or online?

Keyvisual forklift license for beginners in presence

Forklift license for
beginners (presence)

Keyvisual forklift license online for beginners on laptop or tablet

Forklift license for
beginners (online)

Keyvisual Advanced forklift license in presence

Forklift license for
advanced (presence)

Keyvisual Forklift License Online for Advanced on Laptop or Tablet

Forklift license for
Advanced (Online)

Which course is the right one?

We offer two different course models - depending on existing driving experience. These can be booked as classroom or online training.
In both variants, the theory training is completed first in the first part. The second part of the training then consists of the practical test (advanced course) or the driving practice and practical test (beginner course). The course models differ accordingly in their sequence and scope.

Sneakers on wooden floor with three white arrows

Beginners course

The course for beginners is aimed at novice drivers. Here, in the second part of the training, in addition to the theoretical and practical test, the practical exercise is also completed. The beginner's course takes two days for the face-to-face event. With the online version, the training duration is reduced to one day.

Advanced course

For course participants who already have more than ten hours of driving experience (proof required), the advanced training course is the better choice. Here, only the practical and theoretical test must be taken during the second part of the training. The duration of the classroom course is one day. In the online version, this is reduced to around 2.5 hours. 

Contents of the forklift training

1. theory training

  • Accident statistics and accident examples
  • Accident Prevention Regulation DGUV Regulation 68
  • Types, structure and functions of industrial trucks (drive types, refueling or charging a forklift, care and maintenance of a battery).
  • Restraint systems
  • Requirements and duties of a forklift truck driver
  • Stability (load diagram, tipping edge triangle)
  • Attachments (residual capacity)
  • Behavior in daily operation
  • Industrial trucks in public traffic areas
  • Pedestrian Industrial Trucks
  • Periodic inspections (daily operational test)

2. theoretical exam

3. practical exercise (only for beginners)

  • Driving experience with premium forklifts from Linde
  • Daily visual and functional check
  • Various driving exercises with cones, pallets and cages

4. practical examination

Hats on the training ground

Legal basis

Accident Prevention Regulation of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV)

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Training and assignment of drivers of industrial trucks with driver's seat and driver's stand

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Principles of prevention

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All details about the event

Participation requirements

  • Physical and mental fitness
  • Minimum age 18 years (for educational purposes, participation from 16 years is also possible).
  • German language skills in spoken and written
  • Knowledge of how to use the Internet, PC and laptop (online course only)
  • Possibility of sound output on the device used (online course only)
  • Proof signed by the entrepreneur of the practice hours already completed by the driver (advanced course only).

Your service package

  • Soft drinks and coffee for the entire duration of the training on site
  • Hot lunch (face-to-face course only)
  • Training materials
  • Qualified trainers
  • Latest technology
  • Training with Premium Linde forklifts
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Ticket

Do you still have questions?

The staff at the GRUMA Academy will be happy to help you



Why take the forklift driver's license online?

Right now, digital solutions are more important than ever. Online training offers numerous advantages here. Not only can you determine the time and place, but you can also complete the training at your own pace.

Flexible working on smartphone or laptop

Full flexibility

The training of drivers can be done quite spontaneously and at very short notice.

The training participant can carry out the training in one piece or - as soon as free capacities are available on his part - spread over several days.

Thanks to the flexible scheduling of online training, it can now be easily integrated into the daily work routine, which in turn reduces the planning effort for managers to a minimum.

Learning at your own pace

In a training course, you inevitably encounter different types of participants. While one participant already has more experience with the subject matter, the topics are new territory for the other participant. Finding a good balance here is not always easy.

At this point, another advantage of online training becomes apparent. The training participant no longer has to adapt to the pace of the other training participants, but can complete the training at his or her own individual learning speed. For example, content can be repeated as often as required or divided into several stages.

Man writes in online training
Man standing in front of blackboard with mind map

Sophisticated learning concept

DGUV Regulation 68, DGUV Principle 308-001, ... Training is often a tough undertaking with lots of legislation. Our online forklift training is both exciting and varied due to the many informative diagrams, explanatory videos and quizzes.

The personal touch is also provided by a speaker who guides the participants through the training with a lot of wit and examples from the everyday working life of a training manager. Test questions between the slides and a final quiz also guarantee that participants have understood the content.

Procedure of the online forklift training at GRUMA

The forklift license online replaces the on-site theory day.

Online training step 1

Step 1: Registration

You can register directly via our training calendar. Please note that you already book here the date and training location where you will take the theoretical and practical exam and, if applicable, the practical exercise. So plan enough time to complete the online theory training. After registering for the training, participants will receive their login data by e-mail. This allows you to log in directly to the training portal and start with the online forklift training.

Online training step 2

Step 2: Conducting the online training

You can think of our online forklift training as a computer game with different levels. Only when a participant has passed the test of a lesson, he can start with the next lesson. The theory part of the online training is concluded with a final quiz. As soon as you have passed this, you will receive a certificate to the e-mail address you have stored. 

Online training step 3

Step 3: Taking the exam on site

When registering, you have already booked a fixed day and training location for the second part of the training. You can find the exact time period in the order confirmation. On this day, you will take both your theoretical and your practical test. Participants of the beginners' course will also learn how to drive the forklift accompanied by an experienced trainer.

Trailer for forklift license online

Frequently asked questions about the forklift license online

The price for the "Online forklift license for beginners" is € 253.50 (plus VAT). The cost of the "Online forklift license for advanced users" is € 142.00 (plus VAT).

The price for our "Forklift license online" training includes the following services:

  • Theory training (online)
  • Practical exercise (only for the beginner course)
  • Theoretical and practical exam
  • Ticket
  • Minimum age: 18 years (for educational purposes, participation from 16 years is also possible).
  • Mental and physical fitness
  • Sufficient German language skills, both written and spoken
  • Knowledge of the use of the Internet, PC, laptop and smartphone

To conduct our online forklift training, all you need is a PC or tablet with Internet access and the option of audio output. Participation via your smartphone is also possible in principle.

Our online forklift training consists of different lessons. Each lesson is concluded with a test. Only when the participant has passed this exam 100 percent can the next lesson be started. Before all lessons have been successfully completed, the final quiz cannot be taken. Also, to pass the final quiz, at least 80 percent of the questions must be answered correctly. It is therefore not possible to simply click through the course and pass.

A processing time of 4 - 5 hours can be planned for the online theory. However, depending on personal previous knowledge and the individual learning speed, the completion of the training can also take more or less time.

For the second training day, approx. 9 hours are calculated for the beginner course with practical exercise and approx. 2 hours for the advanced course. However, this can also vary depending on the capacity of the course.

No. Please note that when you register, you already book the date on which you will take the theoretical and practical exam and, if applicable, the practical exercise at the training location. The training location is also already booked here. So please plan enough time to complete the online theory training in advance.

If the participant does not have his own e-mail address, this is not a problem. Several participants can be registered via the same e-mail address.

You can find our training portal at

First, go to the page. Then click on Forgot login data. You will then receive your new login data by e-mail to the e-mail address you entered.

If you log in for the first time, you will find the forklift license online on your start page. If it does not appear there, please contact our staff from the GRUMA Academy.

Phone: 0821 / 780002444
E-mail: [email protected]

Overview: Which training is required for which industrial truck

Training in the in-house driving of industrial trucks
Front Forklift
Pedestrian vehicles
Pedestrian vehicles with stand/seat
Reach truck
Trolley & Tractor
Cross Forklift
High rack stacker & order picker
Forklift operator training according to DGUV regulation 68, §7 Order to control FFZ para. 1
Instruction in handling according to DGUV regulation 68, §7 Order to control FFZ para. 2
Annual instruction in accordance with DGUV Regulation 4 § 4 and Occupational Health and Safety Act § 12
Annual instruction according to BGV A1 and BGR 199 (PPE, rescue from heights and depths)
Additional training according to DGUV principle 308-001 3.3 Additional training
Instruction according to § 12 Occupational Health and Safety Act and § 7 Para. 1 DGUV Regulation 68
Prerequisite for driving a vehicle (18 years, physical and mental fitness) § 7 DGUV regulation 68
Written assignment
Not required, but recommended
Operational training (device-specific instruction) in accordance with DGUV Principle 380-001 3.4 Operational training

Overview: What training is required for which industrial truck?

Training in the in-house driving of industrial trucks
Front Forklift
Pedestrian controlled industrial trucks
Pedestrian controlled industrial trucks with stand / seat
Reach truck
High rack stacker / Three sided stacker
Telescopic stacker for container handling (reach stacker)
Forklift truck for container handling
General qualification (level 1) §7 Para. 1 DGUV Regulation 68 / 5.1 TRBS 11161
Additional qualification (level 2) 3.3 DGUV Principle 308-001 2
Operational qualification (level 3) 3.4 DGUV Principle 308-001 / § 12 Occupational Health and Safety Act3
Qualification in handling § 7 Para. 2 DGUV Regulation 68 / 3.2 TRBS 11164
Annual instruction § 4 DGUV Regulation 1 / § 12 Occupational Health and Safety Act5
Annual instruction according to BGV A1 and BGR 199 (PPE, rescue from heights and depths)
Prerequisite for controlling industrial trucks § 7 Para. 1 DGUV Regulation 686
Written assignment § 7 Para. 1 DGUV Regulation 68 / § 7 Para. 2 DGUV Regulation 68 / 3.7 TRBS 11167


Red: Should be performed by a specially trained person, such as GRUMA Academy training instructors.

Dark gray: Should be performed by the contractor.

Light gray: Should be carried out by the contractor or a specially trained person, such as the GRUMA Academy training managers.

Legal basis

Early Practice, ...

... who wants to become a good forklift driver. Take the chance and test your knowledge of forklift trucks right now. Well, would you pass the forklift driver exam?

Forklift license at GRUMA

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Training Program of the GRUMA Academy 2023

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Operating Instructions Template | Handling Industrial Trucks

Proof of driving hours 1-day forklift training

These trainings fit the forklift driver's license

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Red Magni telescopic forklift with supports

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