Pulling and towing aids

Pulling and dragging heavy loads is annoying and, from an ergonomic point of view, absolutely irresponsible for the back and the entire habitus.

Reason enough to think about electric tractors from Movexx. The Dutch ergonomics specialist supplies more than 29 different models for every application. In addition, Movexx also offers customized versions - individually adapted to your needs. Movexx electric tow tractors are extremely powerful: they can move considerable weights of up to 6 tons, depending on the model and the application.

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Advantages of Movexx pulling and towing aids

Ergonomic workplace design

Efficiency and reduction of personnel costs

Optimization of logistics processes

Pulling aids, dragging aids and pushing aids by Movexx - back problems adé

Movexx T1500 Bosch Leinfelden 2

Good reasons for the pulling and towing aids from Movexx

Every industry has different requirements. Movexx's pulling and towing aids are perfectly prepared for economical use in all industries. Thanks to ergonomic design and operation, all models have the best prerequisites for easy handling of loads of all weight classes and bulky goods.

Technology for almost limitless applications

Bulky loads in outdoor applications? No problem for the pulling and towing aids from Movexx. The T1000 electric tow tractor, for example, pulls vehicles, loads and carts of up to 1,000 kilograms without any problems.

Whether AGM or lithium-ion battery system, the built-in charging systems guarantee short charging times to ensure maximum daily operating times. In addition, many vehicles have interchangeable batteries that offer almost limitless flexibility.

Ergonomic and individual

No matter if you choose a tow tractor, scooter or all-rounder as a pulling or towing aid from Movexx. Each vehicle has several optional modules that, when combined, offer a solution for countless tasks in in-plant logistics.

The drive modules are ergonomically designed and characterized by ease of use. The hook lift modules, if they exist, are in many cases made to measure. The workstation of the scooters, for example, is designed so that the operator is always in an ergonomic and comfortable position.

Reliable even with the largest loads

The range of pulling and towing aids from Movexx is large. Even the highest loads of up to 6,000 kilograms are covered. Performance, design and comfort are by no means mutually exclusive.

Tractors such as the T6000, for example, operate with a high deadweight, which improves traction. The modular design also favors special areas of application. For example, some vehicles can be additionally extended with a lifting module. The battery is empty? Then simply replace the batteries on powerhouses like the T6000.

Frequently asked questions about pulling and towing aids

All industries where pulling and towing work is performed in everyday operations. Movexx pulling and towing aids are used in airports, food and pharmaceutical warehouses, healthcare, laundries, events, industry and retail or distribution.

Movexx pulling and towing aids are predominantly equipped with the latest lithium-ion technology. This means: low battery weight, high capacities, fast charging times and no memory effect. In addition, many Movexx pulling and towing aids use replacement batteries to generate the shortest possible downtimes.

That should hardly cause any problems. Movexx's pulling and towing aids offer solutions for almost all applications in their basic configuration. In addition, we can of course offer our customers individual adaptations of our models. Please contact us.

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Product Manager Narrow Aisle Storage Solutions + Tugger Trains

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