Four-way forklift and multidirectional forklift

Multi-directional forklifts are all-rounders and ideally suited for universal handling of long materials, chipboard, rollers, oversized pallets and round materials in narrow-aisle racking systems. They can be tailored exactly to your needs and can show their strengths especially in work areas with little space. For even more flexibility, the 4-way stacker. As a special form of multi-way stacker, its design is comparable to that of the reach truck. The difference is that all three or four forklift wheels can be turned up to 90°.

Header Dimos Multidirectional Stacker and Combilift Four-Directional Stacker
Four-way forklift and multidirectional forklift

Strong brands at GRUMA

Discover our wide range of Dimos brand multi-way forklifts and Combilift brand four-way forklifts. 

Dimos reusable forklift

Four-way forklift from Combilift

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Extensive range of vehicles with our brands Dimos, Bulmor and Combilift

Enormously flexible storage in tight spaces

Nothing is impossible - we solve any bearing problem

Maximum efficiency, safety and economy

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Dimos reusable forklift

All DIMOS industrial trucks are manufactured with the latest technologies and developments in mind. Powerful, reliable and inexpensive to maintain. The trucks are used worldwide indoors and outdoors and have proven themselves in the most extreme climates - from freezing sub-zero temperatures to tropical hot and humid conditions. DIMOS multi-directional forklifts feature a compact design and extreme maneuverability - high handling rates are thus guaranteed.

Dimos returnable forklift blue high rack storage

Electric Multidirectional Sideloader DMS

Efficient, maneuverable and convertible: that's the DMS series electric multidirectional sideloader from DIMOS. The powerful powerhouse lifts loads of up to 30 tons, is compactly built and has a small turning radius. With its modern electric drive, the multi-directional sideloader is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Thanks to the versatile configuration options of the DMS series, the vehicle can be flexibly adapted to all transport tasks. For example, there are variants with short or long fork carriers, an elevating cabin, with a picking platform, etc.

Our four-way forklifts from Combilift

Special forklifts for special applications

Combilift C-Series transports steel beams

C-Series from Combilift

Three machines in one: the Combilift C series. The wheels of the Combilift C series turn forwards, backwards and sideways. Handling long material thus becomes child's play.

Load capacity: 2.400kg - 25.000kg 

Combilift Combi CB loads pallet with blocks onto truck

Combi-CB from Combilift

Combilift's Combi-CB is a multidirectional four-way stacker with a front stacker design, making it ideal for conventional pallet storage in addition to long goods.

Load capacity: 1.000kg - 4.000kg 

Combilift Combi-SL yellow lifts roof scaffolding

Combi-SL from Combilift

The multidirectional sideloader impresses with its maneuverability compared to a standard sideloader. The proven Combi-SL series can of course be adapted exactly to your needs. 

Load capacity: 4.500kg - 6.000kg

Combilift Combi-ST rack storage system

Combi-ST from Combilift

The Combi-ST, a multidirectional stand-up stacker from Combilift, is used especially in tight spaces. Rail-guided operation for the stackers is often desired.

Load capacity: 2.500kg - 4.000kg 

Combilift Combi GT blue

Combi-GT from Combilift

The Combi-GT is a two-directional sideloader or 4-wheel stand-up stacker and can work efficiently even in aisle widths as narrow as 1.27 m. Long loads in narrow aisles - no problem.

Load capacity: 2.500kg - 25.000kg

Combilift Combi WR hand-guided lifts carton

Combi-WR from Combilift

Combilift's Combi-WR is the first purpose-built pedestrian stacker that can operate in an aisle width of 2.1m. Ideal for pallet storage in narrow high-bay warehouses.

Load capacity: 1.450 kg 

Straddle Carrier Combi SC Combilift transports concrete girders

Combi-SC Straddle Carrier from Combilift

The Straddle Carrier can effortlessly transport loads of up to 100 tons, e.g. containers at the port. It scores with its enormous maneuverability, low dead weight and the possibility of remote control.

Load capacity: 35.000kg - 100.000kg 

The StraddleCarrier "Combilift-SC" container stacker

The Combilift C-Series

Advantages of Combilift 4-way stackers

Loads from 500kg up to 100t can be transported

Increase storage capacity without additional space

Efficiency due to the precise handling of the 4-way stacker, reduced turning circle

Combilift 4-way stacker green 4 directions

Four-way stacker - the better reach truck

The 90° rotating wheels enable the four-way forklift to move in all directions. This means that it travels at a right angle instead of having to make a turn. Especially in the narrow aisle warehouse or on areas with little space, the advantage of the device becomes apparent.

The four-way forklift has a low risk of tipping because the center of gravity is inside the wheel base. The load is picked up with rigid forks and sliding lift mast. Pallets can be picked up lengthwise or crosswise. Combilift's Combi-C models are three-in-one: front stacker, side stacker and narrow aisle stacker.

Four-way forklift from Combilift

Our partner Combilift has specialized in the manufacture of special forklifts. In addition to four-way forklifts, the product range also includes sideloaders, pedestrian stackers, articulated stackers and the particularly powerful straddle carriers.

The Irish manufacturer Combilift is the world's largest manufacturer of multidirectional forklift trucks and has won several awards. Over 40,000 product sales since 1998 and a consistent further development of the products are convincing. 

Combilift products with logo


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