Portable forklift Frendix InnoLIFT

Portable forklift Frendix InnoLIFT

1000, 400, 500, 600 kg


12 V / 44 Ah

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Product description

Our InnoLIFT transportable forklifts are particularly flexible - even in the tightest of spaces - and thus enable you to load and unload your LWK quickly. In less than a minute, the truck-mounted forklift is unloaded and ready for use. However, the high-quality Innolift forklifts are not only ideally suited for trucks, but also for sprinters, trailers, and so on. Thanks to its simple and intuitive handling, the Innolift can be operated by anyone.

With the unique InnoLIFT portable forklifts from Frendix , it is possible to easily take the forklift with you in vans and light trucks. Due to the compact design, our transportable forklifts require as little space as an ordinary hand pallet truck.

Of course, it is also possible to load and unload the truck without a load. So you can load and unload the truck with pallets one after the other.

  • Take-away stacker simple and fast "to go
  • Fast loading and unloading
  • For vans and panel vans up to 5.0 tons
  • Physical relief for employees
  • No modifications to the vehicle necessary 
  • Easy handling
  • Reliable technology
Load capacity
Loading height
Lifting height
Overall height
Design height
Dead weight
Vehicle examples
600 kg
600 mm
700 mm
1100 mm
1690 mm
174 kg
Maxi Van's such as VW Caddy, Opel Combo, MB Citan
600 kg
700 mm
800 mm
1200 mm
1875 mm
178 kg
Transporter with box body such as VW Transporter, MB Vito, MB Sprinter and Ford Custom roof height H1 u. H2
600 kg
900 mm
1000 mm
1400 mm
2275 mm
182 kg
Transporter with box body such as MB Sprinter and Ford Custom roof height H2
500 kg
1150 mm
1250 mm
1650 mm
2275 mm
187 kg
Transporter roof height H2 as well as transporter with platform or box body
400 kg
1300 mm
1400 mm
1800 mm
3090 mm
Transporter / 5t with box body as well as transporter with platform or box body
1000 kg
1150 mm
1150 mm
1710 mm
2880 mm
265 kg
Transporter / 5t with box body as well as transporter with platform or box body

Your Vortiele

The first truck-mounted forklift for vans and light trucks enables maximum precision, with easy handling and maintenance. Despite its low own weight, loads of up to 600 kg can be transported.

Thanks to its compact and space-saving design, the transportable forklift can be easily transported in any vehicle without losing valuable storage space. After the load has been loaded, the Innolift can be conveniently pushed behind it. The space requirement is the same as that of an ordinary hand pallet truck.

The truck-mounted forklift can be used regardless of the type of vehicle. Thanks to its ergonomic design, high operating comfort and easy maneuverability, injuries or physical overloads of the operator can be avoided.

Technical data

Drive type


Load capacity (kg)

1000, 400, 500, 600

Loading height (mm)

1150, 1300, 600, 700, 900

Lifting height (mm)

800, 1000, 1150, 1250, 1400, 700

Overall height (mm)

1100, 1200, 1400, 1460, 1700

Extended height (mm)

1100, 1200, 1400, 1450, 1650, 1710, 1720, 1800

Battery voltage / nominal capacity K5

12 V / 44 Ah

Load center (mm)


Ground clearance (mm)


Hoist motor (kW)


Dead weight (kg)

174, 178, 182, 187, 195, 257, 265, 360

Michael Schulz

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Portable forklift Frendix InnoLIFT
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