Fleet management with Linde Fleet Experts

The increasing complexity in intralogistics holds more than 22% savings potential for your forklift fleet (mean value of our previous projects). Continuous optimization of logistics processes ensures a more structured and flexible flow of goods. In this way, productivity can be increased and costs reduced.

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Fleet management with Linde Fleet Experts
Life Linde Fleet Experts Fleet Management Benefits at GRUMA

The fleet management system of GRUMA: Linde Fleet Experts

GRUMA's fleet management system "Linde Fleet Experts" advises and supports you in your forklift fleet management.

Due to changing customer requirements, increasing complexity in intralogistics and rising cost pressure, the topic of fleet management has become increasingly important in recent years.

Keeping the overview with us

We are your competent partner for the construction, maintenance and optimization of your forklift fleet. Decades of experience and hundreds of successful customer projects enable us to provide you with individual and targeted advice. In doing so, we not only consider your industrial truck fleet, but the big picture: your entire logistics.

After a comprehensive analysis of your fleet, your material flow and your logistics processes, we create a concrete catalog of measures for efficient deployment optimization.

Life Linde Fleet Experts Forklift Fleet Management GRUMA
AMS consulting via tablet

Linde FleetConsult

FleetConsult is the first step in fleet optimization. During an on-site analysis, Linde experts take a close look at the customer's entire intralogistics and fleet structure. They do not focus on vehicles alone, but analyze all process flows. Fleet data, such as operating hours and distances traveled, are evaluated using analysis software.

Based on the information obtained, Linde's experts create a new fleet concept that is precisely tailored to your intralogistics needs. After the planning phase, the new concept is implemented together. 

Linde FleetMonitoring

For productive and proactive fleet management, you need to know how your forklift fleet is being used. No matter how big the fleet is or how it is composed: The FleetMonitoring reporting tool offers the connect application: a tool for efficient fleet management. Thanks to the software, you always know which vehicles are currently in use at which location.

FleetMonitoring presents all data simply and clearly. At a glance, you get all the information you need for proactive fleet management. In this way, FleetMonitoring helps to reduce operating, process and communication costs. 

Cloud Connect Stacker Monitors
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Linde FleetManagement

FleetManagement ensures proactive fleet management with ongoing optimization and adjustment measures. If Linde experts identify necessary adjustments or changes, they are implemented in consultation with the customer. If necessary, drivers are trained on new equipment.
At regular intervals, Linde experts review the new processes and adapt them to the changed circumstances. On request, FleetManagement can also take over all administrative tasks relating to the vehicle fleet (e.g. vehicle installation in the management software).

This allows you to concentrate fully on your core business. In regular coordination meetings, you are kept up to date on the status of your vehicle fleet. If you experience major fluctuations in demand, you will be supported by the targeted provision of standby vehicles or flexible access to the Linde rental fleet. This allows you to bridge bottlenecks and peak times quickly and unbureaucratically. 

Linde FleetServices

FleetService provides you with an all-round carefree package that guarantees on-site support for the fleet over the entire contract period. Linde's global network guarantees fleet optimization support at all times.

Full-service contracts offer the most comprehensive solution: The customer transfers complete responsibility for the operational readiness of its vehicle fleet to Linde and can concentrate fully on its core business.

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Your advantages

Your optimal fleet: reduced, flexible, available

Cost management: transparent, fixed calculable, reduced

Focus on your core business

Services of GRUMA Fleet Management

Comprehensive optimization for your fleet

The benefits of Linde Fleet Experts include flexibility, guaranteed availability and high cost transparency throughout the entire collaboration. A team of specialists from all areas is available to advise you on questions relating to industrial trucks and logistics.

Linde Fleet Experts saves you the cost of purchasing new forklifts on the one hand or the expense of extensive maintenance of your old fleet on the other. You can calculate with a monthly fixed amount and know exactly what costs will be incurred for your forklift fleet per month.

Linde Fleet Experts is a system that ensures an optimized fleet with guaranteed service levels. To be able to guarantee almost 100 percent availability, there are mechanics on site to take care of all your service concerns.

Your advantages

  • Determination of your optimal fleet
  • Increase the flexibility and availability of your fleet
  • Proactively adapt your fleet to changing requirements
  • Transparent cost management
  • Fixed calculable costs over the entire term
  • Reduction of your fleet
  • Reduction of your costs (administration, process, maintenance and violent damage costs)
  • Focus on your core business

You know partners who only react when problems arise? We are constantly in contact with you and proactively provide you with suggestions for improvement.

With us you get the guarantee that we are actively interested in the improvement of the project even between the contract negotiations. Only in prepared talks, where facts, developments and problems are discussed, new economic solutions can also arise.

Here you can get a first impression of the free annual analysis of your forklift fleet.
If you get a visit from your salesperson at irregular intervals, who just wishes you a happy new year and wants to disappear as soon as possible, then inquire about the care quality of the GRUMA sales team including the fleet management team. We are happy to be there for you and look forward to your call.

Quarterly overview Linde Fleet Experts

Transparent comparison of drive technologies

As part of your sustainability strategy, GRUMA analyzes and documents the environmental impact of products over their entire life cycle using life cycle assessments.

The exhaust emissions of IC engine-powered forklifts were examined - with a sensational result: Linde diesel forklifts are the cleanest in the largest sales segment, the 2.5 to 3.5 ton payload range! And in the other payload classes up to 2.5 tons and from 4 to 8 tons, Linde diesel trucks are also among the lowest-emission vehicles in each case.

Linde MH is the only forklift manufacturer whose Linde H25 to H35 EVO diesel forklifts comply with the strict Stage IIIB of the 97/68/EC and 2004/26/EC emissions directives for non-road mobile machinery, which has been in force in the 37 to 55 kW power class since January 2013. Equipped with a modern common-rail diesel engine with 44kW output and a particulate filter as standard, the vehicles not only comply with the legally prescribed limits for emitted pollutants, but actually undercut them many times over. The value of the emitted particulate matter (PT) is 83 percent below the limit value, for hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) it is 26 percent and for the dangerous respiratory poison carbon monoxide (CO) it is even 99 percent.

At the same time, Linde's battery-powered trucks are among the most economical pieces of equipment and top the fuel economy statistics. This means Linde electric front-end trucks and warehouse equipment not only perform better, they also consume less.

Let us prove it and we will calculate your eco-balance now and after the exchange to a new fleet.

Longer forklift operating times, an optimal mix of the fleet, high transparency through technical solutions and extremely high availability make it possible to achieve meaningful and economically necessary savings in many projects.

Let us discover savings potential for you, too!

Our life consultants analyze the current state of your logistics organization free of charge and use this information to develop customized solutions and implementation targets. In doing so, we take a close look at the existing vehicle technology and the resulting follow-up costs. This means: analysis of the routes as well as the rack storage functionality. We use new technical assistance options such as RFID, supported booking in the LVS (warehouse management system), the use of a forklift guidance system, route trains and our online fleet tool. This allows us to reduce the number of vehicle units, which increases utilization and avoids follow-up costs.

Savings Forklift Fleet Diagram Balance Sheet

Act and react effectively with GRUMA

The term Key Performance Indicator (KPI) refers to the most important key figures that relate to the success, performance or utilization of the operation, its individual organizational units or a machine.

Do you know the critical success factors in your business environment? How often do you check these? Let GRUMA's experts in your supplier core area analyze the right data, prepare decision bases and make recommendations.

Here is an overview of the most important key performance indicators for your forklifts: Permanent. Preventive. Reliable.

Forklift fleets can be assessed quickly and reliably based on a number of criteria. These criteria are evaluated, put into perspective and analyzed by Linde Fleet Experts. For this purpose, we use a database of comparative vehicles from your industry, which provides more information about your profitability.

We act continuously and preventively so that you can react correctly in your market environment.

Statistics on the individual key performance indicators can also be accessed via the system. In addition, we offer you the option of displaying performance statistics on the ratio of input to output. How did the fleet expenditure relate to the pallet turnover in recent years? How many hectoliters were produced per operating hour? Why have actual forklift hours decreased in relation to the product produced?

Let us clarify these questions for you. We look forward to your call.

Key Performance Indicators Vehicle Analysis Detail View

The process of constant change is the cornerstone of future success

Kaizen refers to a philosophy of life and work that centers on the pursuit of continuous improvement. The goal of continuous improvement is not just to come up with new ideas. Rather, we are concerned with implementing them together as quickly as possible. This includes the basics of process consideration, supplier relations, quality management and holistic consideration in the sense of GRUMA fleet management.

The Linde Fleet Experts - Concept

Structured collection of relevant fleet data, analysis of collected data, reporting, periodic coordination meetings, implementation of measures, sustainability monitoring.

That is part of our philosophy. Concentrate on your core tasks and let us work out the impulses in fleet management. No change means standstill and standstill means your profitability in the long run. Let us work together on a positive change in your company's profitability. We look forward to your call.

Fleet management Quality monitoring Circuit diagram

Life Linde Fleet Experts Fleet Management Consulting GRUMA

Do you have an eye on your fleet? GRUMA Fleet Control

Everything in view - everything from a single source

GRUMA's web-based online tool was developed in 2010/2011 to meet the requirements of the market as well as the development of the fleet business. Two essential aspects influenced the basic decision of the implementation: the usual and necessary transparency as well as the actuality about the fleet parameters.

With Fleet Control from Linde Experts, you always have an optimal overview of your fleet. You get transparency about fleet and individual costs, consumed operating resources, equipment details as well as maintenance and usage types of the trucks. You define the information content based on your organizational structure and have meaningful key figures to be able to operate an active fleet controlling.

Basic contract data is made available to you in a clear form. Data from your ERP system can also be integrated into the platform. The detailed knowledge is the basis and thereby provides individually selectable reports and evaluations.

Focus on organization

  • Customer and branch management
  • User management
  • Regulates the access authorizations of internal employees as well as customers: Which information may be seen by which level (e.g. central purchasing, holding, branch manager, department manager).

Focus on analysis and data transparency

  • Fleet overview:
    - basis of analysis and optimization
    (not only Linde but also manufacturer-independent equipment display possible)
    - selectable equipment features as starting point of an active fleet management
    (e.g. search query about a diesel forklift with 3.0 t and diesel particulate filter as well as a certain lifting height in your fleet)
  • Fleet cost summary of contract invoices plus all other amounts billed.

Focus on increasing information content and reducing administration

  • Entering the operating hours
  • No more duplicate data entry - no more office solution
  • Integration into the ERP system possible
  • Input possibility of the customers - energy cost monitoring (consumption & price)
  • Availability of the devices

Focus on evaluation and optimization

  • User related statistics
  • Key Performance Indicator Standard Statistics (KPI's)
  • KPI Management Statistics
  • Status quo - how do you manage your current fleet?
  • Cost truth on a daily basis - what costs arise where?
  • Mapping Group Structures - Managing Subsidiaries
  • Paperless office - lists for operating hours etc. digital and clear
  • Automatic evaluation tool for KPI's and display of consumptions
  • Receipt of annual analyses and evaluations

Invest in the future:
To the Login Linde Fleet Control Online Tool

GRUMA provides the tool to the customer as a web-based interface. The data is not stored on a GRUMA server, but securely in an independent data center in Munich and can be retrieved at any time.

Individual service packages for your fleet

You have the free choice of your service package
Service at cost GRUMA Fleet Management

Service according to cost

You decide which maintenance, inspections and repairs are to be carried out. The billing takes place after the work depending on the effort.

Service Agreement GRUMA Fleet Management

Service agreement

All maintenance and legally required inspections (FEM 4.004, BGV A3 charger test and exhaust gas test) are billed at a flat rate. This covers the required working time including our journey. Spare parts are charged separately. 

Service Plus GRUMA Fleet Management

Service Plus

With the Service Plus package, you have a monthly, fixed service rate that covers all costs for maintenance (hours, travel and spare parts) and the legally required tests (FEM 4.004, BGVA-3 charger test and exhaust gas test). Repairs are charged separately according to time and effort. For new vehicles, an additional warranty extension to 3 years is possible for a fee. 

Full Service GRUMA Fleet Management

Full Service

With the Full Service package, you have a fixed monthly service rate that includes all costs for maintenance incurred (hours, travel and spare parts) and the legally required tests (FEM 4.004, BGVA3 charger test and exhaust gas test). In addition, the rate includes all costs incurred for repairs - except for violent damage.

Linde Forklift Cockpit

Optional offer for your forklift fleet: machine breakdown insurance

As an option, we will also be happy to take out machine breakdown insurance for you. Our competent employees will be happy to submit a customized offer to you.

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Management Linde Fleet Experts

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