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When space is at a premium, fast work is required and safety is paramount, Linde's precise and maneuverable lift trucks are the first choice. Linde pallet trucks, whether high lift truck or low lift truckmeet the highest demands. Linde electric pallet trucks are sensitive, compact and make transporting even heavy loads child's play. The prerequisite for this is a state-of-the-art drive control system together with powerful drive technology. Ergonomic design in all models ensures efficient and fatigue-free work, while intuitive operation makes work easier in the long term. The compact hand pallet trucks are another alternative.

Header Linde High Lift Truck L16 with Lithium Ion Battery

Types lift truck

Light Range electric pallet truck from Linde in stock

Electric pallet truck

Thanks to lithium-ion technology, the electric pallet trucks of the Linde Light Range are predestined for flexible work and super for transport. 

Low lift truck

Low-platform trucks from Linde are perfect for tight warehouse environments. With their speed and maneuverability, they are particularly suitable for short transport distances. 

High lift truck

Fast, maneuverable, energy-saving and subtle to control - Linde high lift trucks stand for precise handling for any transport distance and lifting height. 

Three pallet truck red Linde warehouse with scale hand pallet truck

Hand pallet truck

With hand pallet trucks you can easily move medium-heavy loads. The compact size makes them the perfect helper for use in confined spaces.

Advantages of lift truck over forklift truck

Higher maneuverability in confined spaces, hardly any storage space required

Low costs for acquisition and maintenance

Light weight, can be operated by anyone

Linde lift truck L14 L16 high rack

Good reasons for lift trucks from Linde

Whether trucks need to be loaded or unloaded or tight warehouses need to be picked, electric pallet trucks have become an indispensable part of logistics. The focus of Linde pallet trucks is always on the protection and safety of the operator. In concrete terms, this means, for example, low-mounted long drawbars to ensure an appropriate distance between the truck and the operator. A return cushioning system prevents the tiller from swinging back to the vertical position too quickly. To prevent injury or damage if the tiller is dropped, it has a resistance in the lower position - this also prevents unintentional braking.

Linde drawbar lift truck close up

SafetySpeed function

The SafetySpeed function from Linde is particularly important for safety. Here, the travel speed is automatically adjusted depending on the tiller position.

Of course, the design of the tiller handle is also such that the operator cannot injure himself: the deep-drawn lower chassis edge is rounded and has no sharp edges.

Precise handling

Whether low-lift, hand pallet or high-lift trucks, the aim is to make transport operations easier, safer and faster. Functions such as SafetySpeed support precise maneuvering at all speeds.

Different control systems, depending on the model, greatly simplify handling. Depending on the model, Linde uses joystick, 360-degree and steering tiller systems to ensure sensitive and precise navigation of the lift trucks.

Linde lift truck L16

Safety despite fast processes

The "traffic" can become quite dense in certain situations: narrow working spaces and pedestrians as well as other vehicles possibly crossing the carriageway create high demands on the braking systems. Moreover, in models with a tiller, operators are not protected by a chassis. Linde therefore relies on combined braking and assistance systems for both low-platform trucks and pedestrian models. Automatically active counter-current brakes when the accelerator pedal or travel switch is released ensure a high level of safety. Additional electromagnetic emergency stop or parking brakes round off the numerous safety features. But that's not all: some models also reduce excessive speeds in curves automatically to prevent damage. Starting aids on inclines round off the picture.

A look into the future: Linde lift truck robots

Frequently asked questions about lift trucks

How high you can lift a pallet depends on the type of lift truck. The classic pallet truck is a low-lift pallet truck and can be lifted up to 200 mm, which makes pallet transport possible without any problems. If, on the other hand, a high lift truck is used, a pallet can be lifted several meters.

First of all, there are electric pallet truck or manual pallet truck, which can be divided into pedestrian or passenger equipment. In turn, our manual lift trucks can be divided into low-lift pallet trucks and high lift pallet truck high-lift trucks. High lift trucks are particularly suitable for loads that have to be placed in high racks, for example.

Depending on the work situation, you can move our lift trucks both pulling and pushing. But even when using lift trucks, the ergonomic motto always applies: Keep your posture! After all, lift trucks should make the transport of medium-heavy loads easier and not become a health hazard themselves. Even though electric pallet trucks compensate well for high weights, you should protect your back by maintaining the correct posture - regardless of whether you are pulling or pushing.

Whether hand pallet truck or electric pallet truck - a forklift license is not required for pedestrian operation. A instruction and briefing of the operator is sufficient. In addition, your personnel should be instructed in the use of high-lift trucks once a year to prevent accidents at work.

A lift truck has an average service life of many years if used correctly and maintained regularly. Therefore, the manufacturer's warranty is usually 3 -5 years.

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