Reach truck

Reach trucks are THE compact specialists for narrow spaces and great heights. The mast of the reach truck can be pushed forward (feed). Due to the special design, the reach truck requires less counterweight. The intelligent assistance systems of Linde reach trucks help your drivers work more efficiently and safely. For example, the lift and travel speeds are automatically adjusted and mast vibrations are precisely compensated. Optimum all-round visibility, the ergonomic operator's cab and low-maintenance components ensure maximum safety and maximum economy.

Header Linde reach truck R14 R16N in warehouse

Our reach trucks from Linde

GRUMA offers a wide range of different Linde X-Range vehicles. Thanks to the modular design, the vehicle specification can be adapted for virtually any application.

The Linde reach truck X-Range

An incomparable vehicle concept

Unique all-round talent: The Linde X-Range reach trucks are ideally suited for any warehouse and any type of load. What's more, they can also be integrated into an existing fleet with little effort. Modernizing your forklift fleet is therefore extremely cost-efficient. The wide range of vehicle variants and optional equipment also means you can have your reach trucks adapted to any of your requirements. Linde X-Range models are available with batteries up to 1,000 Ah. This means that your reach trucks can easily survive a two-shift workday without changing batteries, regardless of the load intensity.

Reach truck Linde X-Range GRUMA in the warehouse

Intelligent & low maintenance technology

The reach trucks are equipped with powerful, maintenance-free drive and lift motors. A fail-safe electromagnetic parking brake is built into the drive motor. In addition, braking with all wheels and electric counter-current braking are also among the advantages of the Linde X-Range models.

The steering, due to the direct response rheological steering, is stable, comfortable and safe. The resistance of the steering can be adjusted individually for each type of use and each driver.

An integrated CAN bus also ensures rapid evaluation of vehicle operating data on site or via remote transmission, which significantly reduces the effort required for diagnostics and service work.

Thanks to the generously dimensioned service hatch, service can be carried out quickly and cost-effectively. Thanks to a maintenance interval of only 1,000 operating hours, however, this does not have to be called upon too frequently.

Reach truck Linde GRUMA warehouse X-Range

Advantages of the Linde reach truck

Agile and fast for maximum efficiency

Safety through intelligent assistance systems

Satisfied employees thanks to ergonomic driver's cab

The Linde X-Range

Outstanding comfort, increased safety and unique visibility - the Linde X-Range trucks are simply refreshingly different. With the revolutionary X-Range series, Linde has succeeded in setting new standards for reach trucks.

This not only doubled the space available, but also created a unique ergonomic concept with a panoramic view of the load and surroundings. The result is maximum productivity

Unique lift mast

A completely new mast concept has been developed for the Linde X-Range trucks. Compared to other conventional trucks, you can enjoy a viewing window between the masts that is twice as large. In addition, the mast on the Linde X-Range is firmly connected to the chassis so that it cannot move forwards or backwards. Instead, this task is performed by a sliding fork carriage. Another outstanding feature is the thrust path of just 170 mm. This is up to 70% shorter than that of a conventional reach truck with movable mast. The standard automatic fork tilt facilitates operation, saves time and increases handling performance. 

Work comfortably & safely

Safety first - also with the Linde X-Range vehicles. By locating the battery under the driver's cab, the space available for your drivers is doubled. This means that neither a battery box nor a console obstructs your entry and you can comfortably get in and out of the vehicle. The seat is also close to the lift mast, which significantly improves visibility of the load. Thanks to the lower vehicle center of gravity, the Linde X-Range vehicles also have superior stability in operation. The freedom of movement gained and the optimum visibility thus make work more ergonomic, less tiring and therefore more efficient and safer. 

Super comfort seat for more motivation

The digital display mounted at head height also provides a good overview of all important vehicle functions. The "comfort" factor is also enhanced by the super-comfort seat. This is equipped with wide, supportive seat and backrest cushions and, with height and angle adjustment options and adjustable lumbar support, offers an individual seating position for every driver. The seat is also equipped with two adjustable armrests. The variable adjustment options ensure perfect interaction between driver and vehicle. 

Control lever for more sensitivity

Intuitive operation is a top priority for the Linde X-Range vehicles. For example, the profiled control levers can be operated effortlessly with your fingertips. In addition, you have the choice between a Linde double-pedal control or a single-pedal control. This means that the new vehicle can be integrated into any fleet without having to get used to it. 

Thermal comfort even in cold storage operation

Even under the toughest operating conditions down to -30°C, the new, fully insulated cold store cab remains pleasantly warm. This means that the driver can dispense with cold storage clothing and continues to benefit from the generous all-round visibility. This is because the large-area windows with integrated heating elements make this almost identical to the standard version. This can account for an increase in handling performance of up to 40% in cold storage operation. 

Four-way reach truck from Dimos

Our partner DIMOS specializes in individually manufactured warehouse and industrial trucks with electric drive. In addition to electric multidirectional sideloaders, the company also offers platform trucks, compact stackers, low-lift trucks, reach trucks and straddle carriers, thus providing efficient solutions for all areas of application in logistics. Thanks to the modular system, the trucks can also be tailored precisely to customer requirements.

dimos reach truck hawk

Electric Four Way Reach Truck Hawk

Store loads quickly in high warehouses in the tightest of spaces? Where conventional forklifts reach their limits, the four-way reach truck Hawk from DIMOS can show its strengths.

The electric forklift effortlessly lifts loads of up to 3 tons and can work even in the tightest of spaces thanks to its small turning radius. In addition, the four-way forklift enables space-saving transport of loads up to 8 meters long .

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