Forklift license additional training (level 2)

Do you want your employees to operate special industrial trucks, such as sideloaders, reach trucks or high-bay stackers? Since the change in the law in 2023, they also need the additional qualification (level 2) in addition to a valid forklift license.

In addition to the theoretical basics, our experienced training instructors teach the necessary skills for safe driving of the industrial trucks in compliance with the DGUV. Participants can then demonstrate their skills directly in the final driving test. Upon successful completion, all graduates receive a certificate of participation.

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Forklift license additional training (level 2)

Why do the additional training at GRUMA?

The training refers to the industrial trucks that are used in the company

In-house training directly at your location

Competent trainers from the practice

High practical orientation ensures easy understanding

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Further information on the additional qualification

The general forklift license (level 1) is usually completed on front forklifts. However, since front forklifts have a different driving behavior than, for example, sideloaders, reach trucks or high-bay stackers, drivers who are also to drive other industrial trucks in the company must complete additional training. As an employer, you must ensure thatdrivers of industrial trucks of special designs are trained separately for this purpose in accordance with DGUV Principle 308-001. This applies, for example, to reach trucks, sideloaders, three-side forklifts as well as telescopic forklifts and forklifts for container handling. The prerequisite for the additional qualification is the forklift license (level 1).

Additional qualification for operators of narrow-aisle trucks and reach trucks

For which industrial trucks do you need additional training?

No additional training is required for classic front-end forklifts, apart from the general forklift license. However, it is necessary for special industrial trucks. This applies, for example, to reach trucks, sideloaders, three-side stackers as well as telescopic forklifts and forklifts for container handling.

The additional qualification is to be carried out for these vehicles in addition to the general training (level 1). Upon successful completion of the theoretical and practical examination, participants receive a corresponding certificate.

Contents of the additional qualification for forklift license (level 2)

Theoretical part:

  • DGUV Principle 308-001
  • Accident statistics, accident examples
  • Stability
  • Care and maintenance

Practical part: 

  • Instruction into the device
  • Daily operational test
  • Various driving exercises

Examination in theory and practice

Learning content additional training
Legal basis text

Legal basis & participation requirements

In accordance with DGUV principle 308-001, drivers who use special industrial trucks in the company must take part in additional training.

In addition, the following prerequisites apply to participation in the training:

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Proof of basic training (forklift license level 1)
  • Physical and mental fitness

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Frequently asked questions about the forklift license (level 2)

The forklift license additional qualification (level 2) is required to operate special industrial trucks, such as
reach trucks, sideloaders, three-side stackers, telescopic stackers for container handling (reachstackers), forklifts for container handling and for handling special attachments.

Depending on the type of vehicle and number of people 2 - 6 hours.

The current prices for the additional qualification can be found in our training calendar.

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  • Minimum age is 18 years. Under supervision, trainees may also operate a forklift truck in the company if they are under 18.
  • A car driver's license is not a prerequisite for forklift driving
  • You should be mentally and physically able to
  • General forklift license (level 1)

If you have taken your forklift training at GRUMA, it is no problem if you can no longer find your forklift license. Simply request a transcript of the driving license.

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Overview: What training is required for which industrial truck?

Training in the in-house driving of industrial trucks
Front Forklift
Pedestrian controlled industrial trucks
Pedestrian controlled industrial trucks with stand / seat
Reach truck
High rack stacker / Three sided stacker
Telescopic stacker for container handling (reach stacker)
Forklift truck for container handling
General qualification (level 1) §7 Para. 1 DGUV Regulation 68 / 5.1 TRBS 11161
Additional qualification (level 2) 3.3 DGUV Principle 308-001 2
Operational qualification (level 3) 3.4 DGUV Principle 308-001 / § 12 Occupational Health and Safety Act3
Qualification in handling § 7 Para. 2 DGUV Regulation 68 / 3.2 TRBS 11164
Annual instruction § 4 DGUV Regulation 1 / § 12 Occupational Health and Safety Act5
Annual instruction according to BGV A1 and BGR 199 (PPE, rescue from heights and depths)
Prerequisite for controlling industrial trucks § 7 Para. 1 DGUV Regulation 686
Written assignment § 7 Para. 1 DGUV Regulation 68 / § 7 Para. 2 DGUV Regulation 68 / 3.7 TRBS 11167


Red: Should be performed by a specially trained person, such as GRUMA Academy training instructors.

Dark gray: Should be performed by the contractor.

Light gray: Should be carried out by the contractor or a specially trained person, such as the GRUMA Academy training managers.

Legal basis

Overview: Which training is required for which industrial truck

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