Occupational safety for managers seminar

Companies are obliged to fill responsible positions with suitable personnel who perform their duties conscientiously. With the online seminar on occupational safety for managers, you can turn your colleagues into just such employees. In the seminar, participants learn:

  • When is one a leader?
  • What legal requirements apply and what are the consequences?
  • How do I create a risk assessment?
  • and much more
Header Mobile Occupational Safety for Managers Seminar on Laptop
Occupational safety for managers seminar

What are the advantages of an online seminar at GRUMA?

Flexible instruction on the laptop or tablet

Flexibility in time and place

When conducting the executive training, participants are flexible in terms of both time and location.

This means that the training can be completed in one go or - as soon as the employee has free capacity - spread over several stages. The training is also 100 percent online and web-based, so that employees can also complete it conveniently from their home office or while on the road. Integration into the daily work routine is thus possible without any problems.

Interactive learning concept

In order to keep the concentration of the training participants constantly high and to bring some variety into the learning material, we rely on many informative charts, explanatory videos and quizzes in our seminar for managers.

The personal touch is also provided by a speaker who guides the participants through the online instruction with a lot of wit. Test questions between the slides and a final quiz also guarantee that participants have understood the content.

Employees develop learning concept on laptop for office instruction
Man writes in online training

Learning at your own pace

In a training course, you inevitably encounter different types of participants. While one participant already has more experience with the subject matter, the topics are new territory for the other participant. Finding a good balance here is not always easy.

At this point, another advantage of online training becomes apparent. The training participant no longer has to adapt to the pace of the other training participants, but can complete the training at his or her own individual learning speed. For example, content can be repeated as often as required or divided into several stages.

Curious now?

Take a quick look at our training portal and our seminar for managers in advance.

All details about the occupational safety seminar for managers

You can complete the course flexibly in terms of time, regardless of location and at your individual working pace. The knowledge test at the end of the training ensures that you have understood all the content. Immediately after passing the test, you will receive a certificate to present to your employer.

Occupational safety for managers seminar from 99 Euro

Price for executive training:

from 99,00 € per license (plus VAT)

Included in the price: Online training, certificate of attendance

Participation Requirements:

  • Sufficient German language skills, both written and spoken
  • Knowledge of the use of the Internet, PC, laptop and smartphone
  • Possibility of sound output on the device used

For more occupational safety

All advantages of the executive seminar at a glance

Sophisticated learning concept with pictures, videos, speaker and final quiz

Full flexibility - instruct regardless of location

On the safe side from a data protection perspective: server location in Germany

Learning at your own pace

Incl. certificate upon successful completion

No long journeys and travel costs, no minimum number of participants

Frequently asked questions

The training lasts approximately 1.5 hours, depending on your individual learning pace.

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A manager is anyone who is authorized to issue instructions to at least one employee. Therefore, the training is designed for all managers and team leaders who want to ensure themselves on the subject of occupational health and safety.

Basics of occupational health and safety, rights and duties of a manager, risk assessments, responsibility and liability, occupational health and safety management, motivation and communication

Internet access, Internet-enabled computer, laptop or tablet with audio capability.

GRUMA Academy: Tel: 0821 78000 2444; e-mail: [email protected]


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Training Program of the GRUMA Academy 2023

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