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We offer you the right forklift for every application. No matter whether combustion engine or electric motor, explosion-proof forklifts or heavy-duty forklift trucks - with forklifts from Linde, you achieve maximum economy and efficiency. Benefit from our decades of experience in the materials handling industry.

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NEW: Free GRUMA Forklift Subscription

Choose your individual and flexible GRUMA forklift subscription. From a free trial subscription to a Classic or Flex forklift subscription. We have the right subscription model for every requirement. Simply select the appropriate forklift or pallet truck in our configurator and you're done.

On the way to the autonomous outdoor forklift truck

An autonomous forklift truck outdoors? This is no longer fiction. As part of the "KAnIS" research project by Linde MH and the TH Aschaffenburg, innovative autonomous counterbalanced trucks have been developed that use advanced sensor and AI technologies. The new trucks ensure safe operation in various environments and include innovations such as a sensor cleaning system and an AI-controlled system for autonomous loading. 

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Our front stackers in three drive types

Optimal for indoor & outdoor use
Linde electric forklift X45 during loading

Electric forklift

Linde electric forklifts impress with their precision and maneuverability. In combination with the millimeter-precise double-pedal control, this results in a high but environmentally friendly handling performance. Electric pallet trucks are also available for smaller requirements. 

Linde diesel forklift transporting waste

Diesel forklift

Linde has been setting the standard for productivity and economy in diesel forklifts for decades. Intelligent engine control always provides sufficient power. The fuel-efficient diesel engine sets the bar high in the industry. 

Linde LPG forklift transports beverage crates

Fuel gas forklift

Numerous innovations make the Linde Material Handling LPG forklift a true all-rounder - hydrostatic dual drive, dual pedal control, as well as a wide range of safety and assistance systems and much more. 

Good reasons for forklift trucks from Linde

Forklift truck individually configurable according to your requirements

Precise and fast for maximum productivity and higher handling performance

Innovative technology and assistance systems provide the decisive competitive edge

Structure of a forklift truck

What do all forklifts have in common? There is a mast at the front and a counterweight at the rear. The fork carriage on the mast is equipped with two forks (the distance between the forks is adjustable). These parts can be moved via an efficient hydraulic system.

  1. Idler pulley
  2. Lift mast
  3. Lifting chain
  4. Fork carriage
  5. Fork
  6. Engine compartment or battery
  7. Counterweight
  8. Protective roof with overhead tilt cylinders
Body Forklift Linde

Forklift - The heart of logistics

The masters of the Euro pallet

Man picks on Linde V Modular

Forklift truck in different versions

Forklifts belong to the group of industrial trucks and are mostly used for the transport of goods and commodities. Different types of forklifts are distinguished, which are optimally adapted for their respective application.

In addition to the classic counterbalanced forklift truck (often simply called a forklift truck), there are also reach trucks, order pickers, narrow aisle stackers, multi-directional stackers, telescopic stackers or sideloaders.

Structure of a forklift truck

A forklift truck has a lifting unit consisting of a lift mast and fork carriage. The fork carriage holds the eponymous forks, which can be replaced or extended by various attachments and thus adapted to the individual application. Due to the rear steering, forklifts are very maneuverable and can thus also be used in narrow aisles (narrow aisle).

Forklift body
Forklift advice

Find the right forklift truck

Due to the many different designs of forklift trucks, we recommend professional advice. When selecting the equipment, the shift model used, the required load capacity and the desired lifting height are decisive factors in addition to the place of use.

In principle, emission-free electric forklifts are preferable in halls and internal combustion forklifts (diesel forklifts or gas forklifts) outside. The goods to be transported and the racks used determine the required load capacity and lifting height. The height of the hall doors to be passed through must also be taken into account.

Used forklifts as an alternative

In addition to new forklift trucks, you can also find used forklift trucks. Especially smaller companies can buy high quality forklift trucks at a reasonable price.

Here, too, it should first be clarified whether the forklift will be used primarily indoors or outdoors, in which shifts it will be driven, how wide the aisles are and what lifting height and maximum load capacity is required.

Used forklifts
Forklift Safety Assistance Systems

Minimize accidents and save costs

The available assistance and safety systems are becoming increasingly important. In addition to a well thought-out and robust design, numerous mechanical and electrical systems ensure the active and passive safety of the forklifts. This ensures fewer accidents, satisfied forklift operators and lower downtime costs.

Make forklift license

To drive a forklift truck, an industrial truck license (usually simply called "forklift license") is required. On the pages of the GRUMA Academy, you can learn more about the requirements for obtaining the forklift license, the legal framework and the training in theory and practice.

Forklift training

Our product range for download

GRUMA performance overview

Frequently asked questions about forklift trucks

This depends primarily on where the forklift is used. An electric forklift, for example, is best suited for work indoors, as no emissions are emitted and work can be performed silently. In outdoor areas, diesel forklifts or LPG forklifts are usually recommended, as here a simple and fast energy supply in the form of gas and diesel is guaranteed. In addition, internal combustion forklifts can withstand difficult weather conditions due to their high load capacity.

The cost of a forklift from Linde Material Handling depends on various factors, such as drive type, load capacity and equipment - basically the same as for a car.

You can complete the driving license for forklifts in a 2-day course with us at the GRUMA Academy.

Make forklift license

Whether for a short rental period or for months - we rent forklifts of all types.

Rent forklift

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