Fliegl agricultural technology

With over 40 years of experience, Fliegl provides you with modern, reliable as well as innovative products and vehicles. With Fliegl agricultural technology, you can make agricultural work much easier, more effective and, above all, more economical.

Fliegl's Agro-Center is one of the largest agricultural goods retailers in Germany and offers you a selection of over 1,500 products.

Header Fliegl push-off trailer in use

Why products from Fliegl?

Practical well thought out solutions

Optimal transport concepts

Over 40 years experience

Fliegl agricultural technology at a glance

More effective agriculture

Fliegl vacuum barrel VFW

Slurry technology

Whether you need barrels for slopes, steep slopes or other areas of application: Fliegl delivers the highest standard: Made in Germany. Fliegl Agrartechnik consistently develops and manufactures in Germany. Not least because of this, Fliegl barrels are known worldwide for their exceptional quality in professional and intensive use. 

Fliegl push off trailer

Push-off trolley

The push-off trailers from Fliegl Agrartechnik impress with their low center of gravity during transport and unloading. Up to 60% more payload due to optimal pressing depending on the load and degree of moisture. Low dead weight due to self-supporting construction. Distributor rollers ensure even distribution of the silage in the silo. 


Tippers from Fliegl Agrartechnik have a low dead weight, a low center of gravity and a stable hollow beam frame. Best stability is guaranteed. The compact design also enables great maneuverability. A large tipping angle facilitates unloading. The tippers are available in various sizes and can also be supplied with add-on tailboards. 

The Fliegl Agro Center

From the professional for professionals

Fliegl branch saw Woodking Duo with side extension

Branch saws

With the hydraulic pruning saws for front loaders, wheel loaders and telescopic loaders from Fliegl, you can achieve maximum efficiency when pruning trees and forests. The pruning saws are equipped with Euronorm mountings - depending on your needs, they are also available with telescopic loader or wheel bearing mountings. 

Fliegl Agrocenter sweepers


The Fliegl "Type 600" sweeper is ideal for heavily soiled areas. The heavy-duty wheels ensure optimum guidance, even on uneven terrain. The robust, internal oil motors are optimally protected against damage. Sweeping is possible right up to the kerb. 

Fliegl working platform high swivel fully galvanized

Working platforms

The Fliegl Agro-Center working platforms for agriculture guarantee a firm hold and safe working, especially for special tasks at height. The Fliegl working platforms can be lifted to different heights with the help of a tractor or wheel loader. 

Fliegl skidder hydraulically mounted on Claas tractor

More products

Whether milling drums, buckets, tongs, rollers, mixers, soil augers, containers, silage, mowing, mulching or soil cultivation equipment - at Fliegl Agrartechnik you will receive a wide range of different implements for every agricultural application.

Fliegl agricultural technology vacuum barrel exempted with logo

We are a long-standing sales partner of Fliegl Agrartechnik

  • Best quality and practical solutions
  • Optimally designed transport concepts
  • Wide range of modern and reliable equipment
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Fliegl agricultural technology barrels slurry technology

Fliegl Agrartechnik - Extreme plowing with the Fliegl Frontpacker

Fliegl Agrartechnik - Baffle head distributor

The new Fliegl impact head distributor ensures a particularly precise and clean spreading pattern with the help of the cast tongue when spreading slurry ! Our slurry distributor stands for a slurry spreading close to the ground as well as an emission-reducing, high distribution accuracy.

Fliegl Agrartechnik - Cover system "SpeedCover

The "SpeedCover" cover system is space-saving and can be mounted on almost all trailers (adaptation work required). Compared to a collapsed cover, "SpeedCover" can be conveniently rolled up from the vehicle via a take-up roller and thus does not obstruct the loading area.

Fliegl Agrartechnik - "Hawk" cross traffic camera system

Dangerous situations often arise when turning large agricultural machinery. For vehicles with a front end dimension of 3.50 m or more, the law therefore requires a guide to secure the turning process.

Alternatively, however, camera systems such as the "Hawk" system from Fliegl can also be used. This monitors the front area of the vehicle with two side cameras and transmits the images to a split-screen display in the driver's cab. This gives the driver a good view of the cross traffic and prevents collisions.

Test reports Fliegl agricultural technology

Test report cross traffic camera Fliegl "Hawk

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