Annual forklift instruction

Got your forklift license and that's it? Not quite! An entrepreneur is obliged to instruct the operators of industrial trucks at least once a year. At the same time, they have the right to participate in a corresponding refresher course.

In our face-to-face or online training, the participants' knowledge is not only brought up to date. They also learn all about legal and technical innovations and can thus expand their knowledge even further. The topics change annually so that all important areas are covered regularly. The online version is available in German and English.

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Annual Instruction Forklift Online

Annual instruction for forklift in presence

Why participate in an annual briefing?

Legally on the road with the Annual Online Instruction for Forklift Drivers

Fast renewal of insurance coverage

According to § 12 of the German Occupational Health and Safety Act, § 4 of DGUV Regulation 1 and § 12 of the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, a company is obliged to instruct all forklift drivers with a valid forklift license once a year.

With our annual instruction for forklift truck drivers, we offer a quick, uncomplicated refresher and consolidation of knowledge. This reduces the risk of accidents and increases safety in operation accordingly.

Legal basis

(1) The employer shall adequately and appropriately instruct employees on safety and health protection at work during their working hours. The instruction shall include instructions and explanations specifically geared to the employees' workplace or area of responsibility. The instruction must take place when the employee is hired, when there are changes in the scope of duties, when new work equipment or a new technology is introduced, before the employee starts work. The instruction must be adapted to the development of hazards and, if necessary, repeated regularly.

(2) In the case of temporary employment, the obligation to provide instruction in accordance with paragraph 1 shall be incumbent on the hirer. The hirer shall provide instruction taking into account the qualifications and experience of the persons hired out to perform the work. The other occupational health and safety obligations of the hirer shall remain unaffected.

(1) The employer shall instruct the insured persons on occupational safety and health, in particular on the hazards associated with their work and the measures to prevent them, in accordance with Section 12 (1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and, in the case of a temporary employment agency, in accordance with Section 12 (2) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act; the instruction must be repeated if necessary, but at least once a year; it must be documented.

(1) Before employees use work equipment for the first time, the employer shall provide them with sufficient and appropriate information, based on the risk assessment, in a form and language that is understandable to the employees, about the following

1. existing hazards in the use of work equipment including associated hazards from the working environment,
2. necessary protective measures and behavioral regulations and
3.Measures to be taken in the event of malfunctions, accidents and first aid in the event of emergencies.
The employer must instruct the employees on the basis of the information in sentence 1 before they start using work equipment. Thereafter, he must provide further instruction at regular intervals, but at least once a year. The date of each instruction and the names of those instructed must be recorded in writing.

(2) Before employees use work equipment for the first time, the employer shall provide them with written operating instructions for the use of the work equipment in a form and language understandable to the employees at a suitable location. Sentence 1 does not apply to work equipment for which no instructions for use are required to be supplied in accordance with Section 3 (4) of the Product Safety Act. Instead of operating instructions, the employer may also provide instructions for use or operating instructions supplied with the work equipment when it is made available on the market if these contain information that corresponds to operating instructions. The operating instructions must be updated in the event of safety-relevant changes to the working conditions and referred to in the regularly recurring instruction in accordance with Section 12 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
(3) If the use of work equipment is associated with particular hazards, the employer must ensure that it is only used by employees who have been instructed to do so.

What are the advantages of the online version?

Fast renewal of insurance coverage

Full flexibility - learn when and where you want

Learning at your own pace

Sophisticated learning concept with pictures, videos, speaker and final quiz

Instruction in accordance with current DGUV regulations and statutory provisions

No long journeys and travel expenses, no minimum number of participants

Carry out annual instruction for forklift drivers online on PC or laptop

Full flexibility

Register today and carry out the annual instruction tomorrow? Our online course makes this possible. Where previously half a day or even a whole day had to be planned for the training because of the journey to the training center, the training can now be conveniently integrated into the daily work routine.

The participant decides for himself when and where he completes them. All they need is a PC with Internet access. This not only saves the cost of travel and time off work. The employee is also ready for work again more quickly.

Individual and interactive learning concept

Every person has an individual learning speed. In a classroom training session, the trainer always follows the slowest participant. Online training, on the other hand, allows each participant to learn at his or her own pace.

Many informative pictures, quizzes, videos, and a speaker who guides the participants through the instruction with a lot of humor ensure that the instruction is varied. Test questions at the end of each lesson and the final quiz also guarantee that the content is understood.

Annual online instruction for forklift drivers with individual interactive learning concept
smartphone with country flags

Now also in English: the "Annual Forklift Instruction".

Your forklift drivers have problems understanding the instruction in German? Just use our new English version!

You book the JU for your employees in the online store as usual and receive the access data by e-mail. Your colleagues can then easily decide in the system in which language they want to complete the course. 

Annual online instruction

for operators of industrial trucks

Our annual "Forklift Online" training is aimed at operators of industrial trucks who have a current forklift license and need to refresh it in line with legal requirements.


Detail view special price

Price Annual Instruction:

29,00 € (plus VAT)

instead of 60,00 € (plus VAT)

Included in the price: Online training, certificate of attendance

Participation Requirements:

  • Possession of a current forklift license
  • Sufficient German language skills, both written and spoken
  • Knowledge of the use of the Internet, PC, laptop and smartphone
  • Possibility of sound output on the device used

Sequence of the annual online instruction

Online training step 1

Step 1: Registration

You can register for our annual "Forklift Truck Online" training course directly via the training calendar on our website. After booking the training, participants will receive their login details by email within one working day. They can then log in directly to the training portal and get started

Online training step 2

Step 2: Implementation of the online instruction

Now the participant logs into our training portal and completes the individual lessons. When a lesson is completed, the next lesson is unlocked. The training is concluded with a final quiz. The total duration of the training is one hour. 

Online training step 3

Step 3: Receive the certificate by email

Upon passing the final quiz, the participant receives a certificate of successful participation in the annual training for forklift drivers. This is automatically sent by e-mail to the e-mail address stored. 


Do you still have questions?

The staff at the GRUMA Academy will be happy to help you



Frequently Asked Questions about the Annual Instruction "Forklift Online

The regular price for the annual instruction "Forklift Online" is € 29.00 (plus VAT).

Any person who meets the following requirements can participate in our online forklift operator training:

  • Holder of a current forklift license
  • Sufficient German language skills, both written and spoken
  • Knowledge of the use of the Internet, PC, laptop and smartphone

To conduct our online instruction, you only need a PC or tablet with Internet access. Participation via your smartphone is also possible in principle.

Depending on your learning pace, you should plan a time window of one to two hours for our online instruction.

Each of our online trainings consists of different lessons. These in turn are each concluded with an exam. In order to progress from one lesson to the next, it must be passed 100 percent of the time. Before all lessons have been successfully completed, the final quiz cannot be taken. This must also be answered at least 80 percent correctly. So the participant is not able to just click through the lessons and pass immediately.

If the participant does not have his own e-mail address, this is not a problem. Several participants can be registered via the same e-mail address.

If you have any questions during the online training, please do not hesitate to contact our GRUMA Academy staff.

You can find our training portal at

First, go to the page. Then click on Forgot login data. You will then receive your new login data by e-mail to the e-mail address you entered.

If you log in for the first time, you will find the course on your start page. If it does not appear there, please contact our staff from the GRUMA Academy.


Training Program of the GRUMA Academy 2023

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