BvL Agricultural machinery technology

BvL stands for Bernard van Lengerich. The family business for agricultural machinery technology was founded as early as 1860. In 1973, the first silage block cutter was built as a tracked machine and five years later, the Solomix, the first vertical feed mixer wagon in the world, was introduced. Much acclaimed further developments follow, with a new series of feed mixers called V-MIX in the 1990s. In the 2000s, a new generation takes over the company and the product range is dynamically expanded as well as consistently digitalized. In 2018, for example, BvL introduces the electrically driven mixer V-MIX Hybrid and in 2019 a mobile feed management system based on Android and iOS is launched.

BvL Agricultural machinery technology V MIX red
BvL Agricultural machinery technology

Why products from BvL Landmaschinentechnik?

Tradition since 1860

Feed technology for the 21st century

Digital competence included

The product portfolio of BvL Landmaschinentechnik at a glance

BvL Agricultural machinery technology foreign filler in the cowshed

Foreign filler V-MIX

BvL offers trailed V-MIX external fillers for almost any requirement. No matter whether with one axle or with up to three axles. From S to M to XXL, there is something for every need. Volumes range from 3.5 to 46 cubic meters. For large forage volumes, the triple auger technology from BvL Landmaschinentechnik comes in handy. 

BvL agricultural machinery technology self-loader in use on the farm

Self-loader V-MIX

The V-MIX Fill self-loader takes care of all the work steps: unloading, loading, mixing and feeding. BvL Landmaschinentechnik also offers all of this in the typical "Made in Germany" quality. You do not have to make any compromises, as the self-loading feed mixer wagons are of course available as single or twin-screw mixers

Self-propelled V-MIX Drive

The self-propelled machines from BvL Landmaschinentechnik are particularly characterized by structure-preserving forage removal. This is important for a first-class and structure-rich Total Mixed Ration (TMR). For this purpose, BvL Landmaschinentechnik uses a specially patented structure roller - for example in the maneuverable self-propelled Maximus Plus. 

BvL agricultural machinery technology stationary mixer

Stationary mixers V-MIX Fix

With stationary stand mixers from BvL Landmaschinentechnik, forage can also be mixed on site. Whether as a feeding system for automatic feeders, as a dissolving unit for straw peeling or other stationary applications - there is a suitable BvL stand mixer for every need.

Removal technology V-LOAD

Whether silage block cutters for less reheating or wear-resistant cutting nippers for front and rear mounting, BvL Landmaschinentechnik supplies robust and powerful technology for the removal of forage or silage. It goes without saying that the equipment is also virtually maintenance-free and particularly powerful. After all, this is the only way to significantly reduce working time and costs in the long run. 

BvL Agricultural machinery technology Bedding technology

Bedding technology V-COMFORT

Whether you are handling straw, straw meal or lime, BvL bedding machines work smoothly and efficiently. A combination of the V-COMFORT Turbo straw blower and the V-MIX feed mixer wagon also simplifies the work steps. Loading straw, breaking it up and of course spreading it. Optionally, there is, for example, a water spraying device to reduce dust formation. 

BvL Agricultural machinery technology solids feeder

Feeding technology for biogas plants

An all-round efficient and safe dosing process is the basis for an optimum biogas yield. The V-BIO solids feeders and the V-BIO combi feeders from BvL have all the prerequisites for this. The robust and low-maintenance design of our vertical solids feeders ensures excellent durability - very economical, especially since the V-BIO feed system can handle a wide range of input materials. 

Systems engineering

Digitalization is not just a buzzword at BvL Landmaschinentechnik. The V-DAIRY Feeder TMR system is an investment in the future - except that the system is already helping to dramatically reduce feed costs in milk distribution. With the V-DAIRY Feeder TMR system, you keep track of everything and potential savings become immediately visible. By the way, via smartphone apps as well as via the Internet using a web account. 

BvL Logo and V MIX Fill isolated

We are a long-standing sales partner of BvL Landmaschinentechnik

Since 1860 everything around

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BvL Landmaschinentechnik - specialist for everything to do with forage

BvL Landmaschinentechnik - the Feed Mixer V-MIX Plus

The V-MIX Plus 25 is the space miracle among the trailed feed mixers. With its compact design and high volume utilization of 13 to 30 cubic meters, the trailer is also recommended for large quantities of feed in confined barns. The feed rations are thus sufficient for 89 - 231 cows.

Feed Management System V-DAIRY Feeder TMR System Feed Mixer Wagon

Digitization does not have to be complicated: with the web-based V-DAIRY feed management system from BvL Landmaschinentechnik, you are always up to date. In addition, an efficient feeding process is documented precisely, economically and at all times.

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