Annual briefings

You want to instruct your employees without much effort? The GRUMA Academy offers you a comprehensive portfolio of instruction in the areas of forklifts, aerial work platforms, cranes, telescopic forklifts, earth-moving equipment and offices.

Our experienced training managers quickly and easily refresh the knowledge of your employees from their initial training and bring them up to date with regard to new developments. This closes knowledge gaps, sharpens the perception of risks in everyday work, and thus minimizes the risk of accidents.

Annual instruction for forklift trucks with students

Overview: Annual briefings

We offer various refresher courses for operators of industrial trucks, aerial work platforms, telescopic forklifts, cranes and earth-moving machinery as well as office and administrative staff. The instructions can be carried out either in presence, online or directly in the company (in-house).

Online instructions

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Annual Instruction Forklift Online

Preview image Annual instruction aerial work platform online with special price

Annual instruction aerial work platform online

Preview image Completing office safety training on laptop or tablet

Office safety briefing

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Annual instruction crane & slinger online

Instruction in presence

Annual instruction for forklift truck Keyvisual

Annual forklift instruction

Keyvisual Annual instruction for aerial work platforms

Annual instruction in aerial work platform

Keyvisual Annual training for telescopic forklifts

Annual telescopic forklift instruction

Annual crane instruction

Keyvisual Annual instruction for earth moving machines

Annual instruction on earth-moving machinery

Inhouse trainings

Trainer explains the forklift to participants during in-house training

Safety instruction in your own company

You would like to instruct several employees in your company? We can also hold seminars on your premises on request. This way, your employees can refresh their knowledge in familiar surroundings and do not have to travel long distances.

All information on the annual instruction at a glance

Training manager explains function of the lifting platform to participants during instruction

Why do employees need to be instructed annually?

In order to prevent accidents in the company, every employer must, in accordance with §12 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and §4 of DGUV Regulation 1, provide his employees with sufficient and appropriate instruction on occupational health and safety.

The instruction must be repeated at least once a year if the hazard situation and work task remain unchanged, so that the employees can refresh and expand their knowledge. When taking up a new activity, changing the scope of tasks, after accidents and when introducing new work equipment or technologies, a further specific instruction must be carried out.

Legal basis

The legislator prescribes annual briefings

(1) The employer shall adequately and appropriately instruct employees on safety and health protection at work during their working hours. The instruction shall include instructions and explanations specifically geared to the employees' workplace or area of responsibility. The instruction must take place when the employee is hired, when there are changes in the scope of duties, when new work equipment or a new technology is introduced, before the employee starts work. The instruction must be adapted to the development of hazards and, if necessary, repeated regularly.

(2) In the case of temporary employment, the obligation to provide instruction in accordance with paragraph 1 shall be incumbent on the hirer. The hirer shall provide instruction taking into account the qualifications and experience of the persons hired out to perform the work. The other occupational health and safety obligations of the hirer shall remain unaffected.

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(1) The employer shall instruct the insured persons on occupational safety and health, in particular on the hazards associated with their work and the measures to prevent them, in accordance with Section 12 (1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and, in the case of a temporary employment agency, in accordance with Section 12 (2) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act; the instruction must be repeated if necessary, but at least once a year; it must be documented.

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Which persons must be instructed?

  • Office and administration employees
  • Operators of industrial trucks (forklift & telescopic forklift)*.
  • Operators of overhead cranes (overhead crane) and pillar cranes as well as rail trolleys, etc.*
  • Aerial work platform operator*
  • Earth-moving equipment operators*
  • Anyone who transports cargo and secures it*.

*Requirement: Education/training in the areas of industrial trucks, cranes, aerial work platforms, earth-moving equipment ("driver's license"), load securing.

What is the procedure for annual instruction at GRUMA?

The legally required annual instruction serves above all to prevent accidents. In our safety briefings, the participants' knowledge of the legal basis is therefore refreshed and important course content is repeated. In addition, they learn everything about innovations in the respective area.

By analyzing accident examples from practice, the training participants are also sensitized with regard to potential hazards in the company, which means that hazards can be identified later and appropriate protective measures can be implemented.

Training room Academy Derching Winterbruckenweg GRUMA

Do you still have questions?

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Training Program of the GRUMA Academy 2023

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