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Attachments turn a forklift truck into a true multi-talent. Our extensive portfolio covers every conceivable application scenario and makes it possible to quickly and easily convert the vehicle as needed and use it for different tasks. We combine flexibility and versatility with profitability and economy. Our manufacturer-independent product spectrum ranges from cost-effective attachments for less demanding applications to innovative high-performance equipment. An off-the-shelf attachment doesn't meet your requirements? No problem - our experts at GRUMA Sonderbau adapt attachments to your individual requirements.

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Your options for attachments at GRUMA

Attachment New

New attachments

With a new attachment, you can accomplish multiple tasks with just one vehicle. Our portfolio covers every application. 

Attachment used

Used attachments

We offer a wide range of used attachments. These are thoroughly checked and technically reconditioned in our workshop. 

Rent attachment

Rent attachments

You need an attachment only for a specific application? Rent the right vehicle from us for your application and time period.

Wide selection and competent advice

Discover our portfolio

With our wide selection of attachments and years of experience in logistics, we at GRUMA make individual applications possible. In addition, by combining different attachments, even more application possibilities can be exploited in your operation. The attachment and combination of attachments can influence the load capacity of the forklift truck. Our product experts will be happy to advise you on the right attachment solution for your individual requirements. Discover an excerpt from our comprehensive range now.

Fork Positioner

Fork Positioner

Fork positioners are very frequently used attachments, especially when the width of the load changes frequently during operation and the distances between the forks need to be adjusted flexibly. 

Rotating brackets

Rotating brackets

Rotating clamps can be used to pick up loads of different widths on the tines and to clamp containers and goods. Due to the additional rotating function, they enable the forklift to be used in a much wider range of applications. 

Mounting platform

By picking up a work cage with the forks and locking it with pins, the forklift serves as a work platform for assembly work and ensures maximum safety for your employees. 

Bale clamp rotatable

Bale clamps

Bale clamps can be attached to the forklift truck for gripping and transporting recyclables, for example in the recycling or paper industry. 

Telescopic forks

Telescopic forks or conveyor forks allow the forks to be extended to store goods in double-deep racks, as well as to completely load and unload trucks or railcars from one side. 

Clamp forks

Clamp forks

Clamp forks allow the forklift to pick up pallet loads as well as be used as a clamp for transport. In combination with clamping arms, the clamp forks can be upgraded to special clamps for specific goods. 



With the help of a sideshift, loads can be shifted during storage, thus saving time and increasing maneuverability. Sideshifters can also be combined with other attachments to increase flexibility in load handling. 



Forks serve as a support surface for picking up as well as storing and retrieving loads by a forklift truck and are thus the most frequently used component of a forklift truck. 

Rotating roller clamps

Rotating roller clamps

Rotary roll clamps or paper roll clamps are used wherever load in the form of rolls must be moved. 

Bulk material bucket

Bulk material buckets

Shovels or bulk material buckets can be used not only for picking up, transporting and unloading loose goods, but also find their application in winter road maintenance. 

Rotators Side tippers

Rotator / side tilt device

Turning devices or colloquially box turning devices enable the tilting of a load, for example to tip loads from a pallet, to empty containers or to lift loads. Rotators can basically be combined with fork carriers and forks. 

Front fork carriage

A front-mounted fork carriage can be used to widen a forklift's existing fork carriage and make it easier to change forks and attachments. 

Multiple sideshift

Multiple sideshift

Depending on the design, a multiple sideshift enables two to five transport units to be accommodated simultaneously, thereby increasing the efficiency of the storage process. 

Clamping arms

Clamping arms are additionally attached to a clamping fork in order to better grip and transport special goods such as barrels, bales or wire mesh boxes. 

Stone clamps

Stone clamps

Stone clamps are used for the transport of industrially produced, high-format stoneware and stone packages and can be adapted to individual conditions. 

Device Clamps / Cardboard Clamps

Device clamps and carton clamps are used to transport electronic goods from the white and brown goods. Here, the spectrum ranges from simple clamps to intelligent devices that regulate the clamping force on the load. 

Barrel clamp

Barrel clamps

Drum clamps allow a wide variety of drums to be transported safely without the need for a pallet. In addition, the drums can be tilted and rotated by certain attachments and several drums can be transported at the same time. 

Multiple pallet device

Double or multiple pallet clamps can be used to transport several transport units at the same time, thus increasing storage efficiency. 

Feed fork carrier

Pusher forks / Feed fork carriage

Feeding devices such as push forks and feed fork carriers or even pantographs can be used to push palletized loads to the rear or pick them up from there, for example, on a truck, on wagons or in the case of double-deep storage racks during storage. 

Gate valve Clamp gate valve

Gate valve / clamp gate valve

Pushers and clamping pushers are used for transporting as well as loading and unloading of drawing pallets made of plastic or cardboard. 

Load protection grille / load holder

Load protection grids and load holders or load hold-downs in various designs are used to secure and stabilize a wide variety of transport goods. 

Crane hook

Crane hook

Suspended loads can be picked up and transported by means of crane hooks that are simply attached to the forks of the device. 

Crane boom

Crane boom

Anchored in the fork carriage, crane booms with adjustable crane hooks or telescopic booms are used to handle suspended loads. 

Tilt sled

By attaching a tilt carriage, goods can be tipped forward 90° from the forks. 

Support mandrel

In different versions, the mandrel is used to hold rollers or loads with eyelets. 

Container emptier

Container dischargers are used suspended from the fork carriage, for example in metal processing, for transporting drop-bottom containers and emptying them. 

Snowplow blade

The snow plow blade is attached to the forks with two entry tabs and can be beveled in either direction to clear flats of fresh snow. 

Your solution for exceptional applications

In addition to our wide range of attachments, we also offer the possibility to design individual special constructions as attachments. We understand that every company has specific requirements and needs and want to ensure that we can offer you a customized solution. With our expertise and experience in manufacturing attachments, we can provide the right attachment for any application. If you need an individual solution for special requirements, we will be happy to advise you. 

Strong brands at GRUMA

Some of our attachment partners for over 40 years

Through our cooperation with various attachment manufacturers, we can draw on a wide range of products to offer the most suitable equipment for your needs in the highest quality. We source our attachments from reputable manufacturers such as Kaup, Meyer, Durwen, SH, Grünig, Griptech, Flötzinger, Stabau and Cascade. Count on us to provide the best solution for your individual needs. 

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Frequently asked questions about attachments

There are suitable attachments for the most diverse purposes of a forklift truck. These are either attached to the fork carriage or picked up with the forks. In addition to the common attachments such as fork positioners, bale clamps and sideshifters, there are many other devices and combination options as well as the option of having an attachment individually adapted via GRUMA's special design department.

Attaching an attachment changes the inherent center of gravity, which is usually centered and low on an unloaded vehicle. The pre-attached attachment increases the distance between the fork carriage and the load, thereby reducing the load capacity of your truck. To maintain safety in operation, the new load capacity of the forklift must be calculated and a corresponding load chart attached. Our experts will be happy to help you and advise you on the appropriate attachment.

Depending on the attachment, this is attached directly to the fork carriage of the forklift or picked up via the forks of the forklift. Not every attachment fits on every forklift - our team will be happy to advise you on compatibility with your equipment.
Attaching a front-mounted attachment increases the front dimension of a forklift and thus reduces the residual load capacity. To determine your residual load capacity and find the right attachment for your individual needs, please contact our expert.

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