Transportable forklift from Innolift

With the unique Innolift portable forklifts from Frendix, it is possible to easily take the forklift with you in vans and light trucks. Due to the compact design, our transportable forklifts require as little space as an ordinary hand pallet truck.

Of course, it is also possible to load and unload the truck without load. This allows you to load and unload the vehicle with pallets one after the other. An optionally available drive-over plate bridges the step or a trailer coupling if necessary.

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Transportable forklift from Innolift

The GRUMA truck-mounted forklifts at a glance

1000, 400, 500, 600 kg

800, 1000, 1150, 1250, 1400, 700 mm

What is a truck-mounted forklift?

Truck-mounted forklifts are the handy alternative to the lifting platform or the classic forklift. Due to its space-saving design and low dead weight, you do not lose valuable storage space during transport. As a result, the driver does not have to wait for a separate forklift truck once it arrives, but can start transporting the load directly. The high level of operating comfort and superior maneuverability stand out throughout the entire product life cycle.

When to use a truck-mounted forklift?

The forklifts for vans are particularly suitable for fast and independent unloading. With the size of an ordinary hand pallet truck and lifting capacity of up to 1 ton, our truck-mounted forklifts are unique in the light commercial vehicle segment. Due to the compact design of the truck, the Innolift can be used independently of the vehicle. This means that the forklifts can be taken along in vans and in light commercial vehicles without any problems.

Man moves Innolift truck transportable forklift truck

No modifications to the vehicle necessary

Very good payload ratio due to compact design

Free on-site demonstration and consultation possible

How does a truck-mounted forklift work?

Simple handling in four steps

Step 01 Application truck transporter man clears an Innolift

1. vehicle loaded

Lift the pallet with the truck-mounted forklift and load the vehicle. 

Step 02 application truck transporter man clears an Innolift

2. pull sled

Raise the transportable forklift slightly and pull the support legs backwards. 

Step 03 Application truck transporter man clears an Innolift

3. push slide in

Slide the support legs under the truck-mounted forklift again and lift the pallet slightly.

Step 04 application truck transporter man clears an Innolift

4. push forklift & load into the vehicle

Push the forklift with the load back into the vehicle.

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Truck-mounted forklift - versatile and revolutionary

Innolift truck-mounted forklift on loading rail in truck

Flexibility and security

Save expensive subsequent deliveries of lifting platforms with a truck - With the help of the truck-mounted forklift, upcoming subsequent deliveries can be carried out flexibly with any vehicle, if necessary. In addition, the ergonomic design and easy handling of the device prevent injuries or physical overload. In addition, rubber stoppers prevent the truck-mounted forklift from being pulled off the vehicle unintentionally.

More information as download

Product flyer | Innolift transportable forklift truck

GRUMA performance overview

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