Tractor & Platform Truck

Whether narrow aisles, tight loading areas, steep ramps or uneven roads - the tugs and platform trailers from Linde Material Handling are up to any challenge. High handling capacities, even in difficult places, are no problem thanks to modern steering systems and tight turning circles. Operators can work without fatigue thanks to comprehensively cushioned driver's workstations. Many vehicles have several braking systems to ensure maximum safety in all driving situations. The vehicles also impress with trailer loads of between three and 25 tons. Large vehicles with their own platform can carry up to two tons of additional load.

Header Linde Tractors and platform trailers in Halle
Tractor & Platform Truck

The new N20 series from Linde

Advantages of tractors and platform trailers from Linde

High handling rates

Modern steering systems and precise handling

Ergonomic and safe

Good reasons for the tractors and platform trailers from Linde

Linde offers a wide range of vehicles from the small P20 pedestrian tractor to the large P250 platform trailer with a towing capacity of 25 tons. With their individual characteristics and performance values, almost every conceivable application is possible. From narrow vehicles for extremely narrow aisles to particularly well-damped models for uneven roads and safety-relevant details such as robust driver's cabs - Linde offers tailor-made models for every transport task and every location. Transporting goods has never been more efficient, safer or easier.

Safety is trumps

Tightly timed operations, narrow aisles and loads weighing tons: the risk of accidents increases all by itself. However, since comprehensive protection of the driver is always the top priority, your high-rack truck should be equipped with certain safety features.

Multiple braking systems provide relief in various driving situations: not only is a quick stop required here, but also the prevention of rolling backwards when starting uphill.

The 2-handle steering is another safety feature; the driver moves within the contours of the vehicle at all times. A solid chassis ensures that all tractors and platform trailers from Linde offer the driver optimum safety.

Healthy workplace thanks to smart ergonomics

Drivers of tractors and platform trucks spend a lot of time in their vehicles. Maximum concentration and constant attention are absolute prerequisites. To ensure this, Linde relies on fully cushioned and ergonomic workstations.

The oscillating suspension of the cabs on large platform trucks and full-suspension driver platforms with damping floor mats on smaller tractors contribute to this. Strong jolts and vibrations are damped in an exemplary manner. The controls and design elements are based on the latest ergonomic findings. On smaller tractors, the 2-grip steering system has proven its worth. Of course, the seats and steering wheels are individually adjustable. Finally, low entry heights facilitate access to the vehicles.

Tractor red linde with car parts

More platform truck

Dimos heavy duty platform

DIMOS supplies various designs of heavy-duty platforms for a wide range of applications. Thanks to a load capacity of up to 65 tons, heavy goods, such as those in the automotive and aviation industries, can be transported effortlessly. Even tight spaces are no problem, as the vehicles have extreme maneuverability and sensitive steering.

Frequently asked questions about tractors and platform trucks

Cabins with and without doors as well as platforms with and without superstructure are available for the large vehicles. For further individual equipment features, please feel free to contact us.

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Different braking systems complement each other and ensure the best safety in every driving situation. Not only do the vehicles come to a quick stop, but the brake also prevents the freight train from rolling backwards when starting uphill, for example.

As the tractors from Linde are very robust with a solid steel chassis and maintenance-free three-phase motors, you can expect extremely low life cycle costs.

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