Lost ticket from GRUMA Academy

It has happened to many people: Suddenly, the driver's license can no longer be found. If you have misplaced GRUMA Academy driving licenses, e.g. a forklift license, crane license or telescopic forklift license, you do not have to despair.

Just ask us with some key data in the form and we will help you for a small processing fee quickly and easily.

Forklift license lost on carpeted floor
Lost ticket from GRUMA Academy

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Private customers will receive their ticket only after paying the fee of € 25.00 including VAT in advance.

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*We charge a processing fee of €30.00 plus VAT for the duplicate of the ticket.

Private customers must pay this amount in advance after receiving an invoice from us.


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Frequently asked questions

No problem! Just fill out the form with all the required data and we will try to find your forklift license in our archive.

If we are able to find your ticket in our archive, we will charge a processing fee of € 30.00 plus VAT.

We will send you the ticket by mail within a few working days. For urgent or time-critical requests, please contact us after filling out the form at [email protected].

Our courses with driving license

Preview forklift license online price 135 euros

Forklift license

Whether for beginners or advanced users - with GRUMA you will be optimally trained in the handling of forklifts in theory and practice. The training is available both in presence and online. 

Close up yellow crane hook on wire rope

Crane certificate

In just one day, you will learn all the relevant knowledge for the crane license in the form of theory training followed by practical exercises. What you have learned is tested by an examination. 

Aerial work platforms training

All theoretical, practical as well as legal basics for the handling of aerial work platforms compactly summarized in an intensive training.

Preview pedestrian industrial trucks with pallet and load high lift truck

Pedestrian industrial trucks instruction

Accidents can occur more quickly than expected if pedestrian forklifts are handled untrained. We help you to work safely. 

Woman hangs in rope PSA

Rappel training high rack stacker

For the inexperienced, rappelling from high-bay stackers can quickly become dangerous. We show your employees how to handle it safely. 

Red Magni telescopic forklift with supports

Telescopic forklift training

We train you for the use of telescopic forklifts both with a rigid superstructure, with a rotating upper carriage or also as an elevating work platform. 

Yellow JCB excavator digging

Earth-moving machinery driver's license

Learn the theoretical and practical handling of excavators, wheel loaders and other earth-moving machines at the GRUMA Academy.

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