Earth-moving machinery driver's license

Drivers of excavators, wheel loaders, crawler tractors and the like must be qualified in accordance with DGUV Rule 100-500. In the training course at the GRUMA Academy, participants learn everything about the safe operation of earthmoving machinery. This reduces the risk of accidents during operation and saves costs.
JCB earth moving machine yellow digging hole
Earth-moving machinery driver's license

Your advantages

Avoid liability risks by meeting the training requirements of the professional associations

Prevent accidents and thus protect employees and machines

Prevent hazards, downtime and repair costs before they occur

Up to 20% less fuel consumption through an energy-conscious driving style

Training procedure earth-moving machine operator

Theory with training in legal regulations
The comprehensive theoretical training for construction machine operators covers the legal and trade association requirements, safety rules, the specific driver and contractor duties, and information on the design and function of construction machines (DIN EN 474, DIN EN 500). Furthermore, the UVV inspection of earth-moving machines, basic principles of driving physics and the prevention of accidents are dealt with. The course concludes with a theoretical examination in German.

Practical part
In the practical part, you will be instructed in the various earth-moving equipment (mobile excavator, tracked excavator and wheel loader). This includes Euro control with joystick and fingertips as well as departure control according to UVV. Many practical exercises (driving exercises, shovel exercises, hoist use, etc.) complement the previously learned theory.

Exam: Earth moving machine operator

At the end of the course, there is a theoretical and practical examination. After passing the exam, you can call yourself a "certified construction machine operator". The credential (often also called earth-moving machine operator's license or excavator operator's license) shows your employer that you are qualified to drive earth-moving machines and confirms this with an earth-moving machine operator's license. Employers avoid accidents as well as costly breakdowns through qualified machine operators and protect themselves against any liability risks.

Beginner or advanced

Which course is the right one?

Earth moving machine driving license for beginners

The beginners' course is aimed at novice drivers with no or little driving experience. On the first day, participants complete the theory training and test. The second day is followed by the practical exercise and test.

Training Procedure:

Day 1: Theory training, theory test

Day 2: Practical exercise, practical exam

Advanced earthmoving machine driver's license

Training participants who have more than 20 hours of driving experience should take the advanced course. Here, both the theory training and test and the practical test are conducted in one day. Please note that all course participants must provide proof of driving experience.

Training Procedure:

Day 1: Theory training, theory test, practical test

Training participant on yellow earthmoving machine

We come to you: GRUMA In-house training

You would like to train several employees in your company? We can also hold seminars on your premises on request. This way, your employees can also learn to drive on their own excavators, wheel loaders, crawlers and in familiar surroundings. 

JCB wheel loader with load

Details of the earthmoving machinery driving license

Participants: Operators of excavators, wheel loaders and other earth-moving machines. In principle, anyone interested can register.

Prerequisite: Physical and mental fitness, minimum age: 18 years.

Location: Friedberg-Derching or at your location

Catering at the GRUMA Academy Drinks

Your service package at the GRUMA Academy

  • Soft drinks and coffee for the entire duration of the training course
  • Hot lunch
  • Training materials
  • Multimedia training
  • Certificate
Yellow JCB excavator with bucket

Do you still have questions?

The staff at the GRUMA Academy will be happy to help you



Frequently asked questions about the earth-moving equipment driver's license

At the GRUMA Academy, participants can train to become an earthmoving machine operator in two days. We offer the course in Derching near Augsburg or directly at your location. Learn the theoretical and practical basics of operating construction machinery and benefit from better opportunities on the job market with this further training. With the certificate of authorization for earth-moving machinery, you are authorized to operate wheel loaders, excavators and caterpillars. Complete your training as an earthmoving machine operator with us and work as a wheel loader operator or excavator operator.

With training as an earth-moving machine operator, you signal to your (future) employer that you are qualified to drive earth-moving machines. You will know the important legal requirements and safety rules, be familiar with the structure of the construction machines and actively prevent accidents.

Legal basis

"The employer shall take precautions to ensure that the driving of self-propelled work equipment is reserved for employees who have received adequate training in the safe driving of such work equipment and are qualified to do so."

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"Only persons who have been instructed in the operation or maintenance of earth-moving machinery and who have demonstrated to the contractor that they are competent to do so may be employed to operate or maintain earth-moving machinery independently [...].

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Training program of the GRUMA Academy 2023

Submission of written order to drive earth-moving machinery | Written driving order

Proof of driving hours 1-day course earth-moving machine driving license

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