Roto telescopic handler from MAGNI

Roto telehandlers from Magni are designed for tough and professional use. The telehandlers have rotating operating ranges of up to 6 tons lifting capacity and 45 meters height. With reach ranges of up to 33 meters, even critical areas of application are covered. The higher lifting capacity is the result of stability technologies such as the parallel arrangement of stabilizers with a greater centre distance. With a total of 20 new patents, the Roto telescopic handlers also score points in the areas of design and performance. When it comes to digitalization, only the latest innovations are used: Attachments are automatically recognized by RFID, for example.

Header Magni telescopic forklift in use
Roto telescopic stacker from Magni

Advantages of the Roto telescopic handlers from Magni

Ranges up to over 33 meters

Lifting heights over 45 meters

Dynamic stabilization system

Good reasons for the Roto telescopic handlers from Magni

Roto telescopic handlers from Magni are the result of years of experience and research in the field of rotating telescopic handlers. They are now renowned for maximum reliability and performance. The RTH series was developed primarily for a wide range of applications. The wide range of interchangeable attachments for a wide variety of applications is equipped with automatic attachment recognition via RFID.

Magni RTH Roto telescopic handler

RTH series

The RTH series of Roto telescopic handlers from Magni have maximum lifting capacities of between 4 and 13 tons. The maximum lifting height of the vehicles is between 18 and 46 meters, depending on the model.

The maximum outreach of 33 meters is suitable for almost any professional and demanding application. The ground clearance of the vehicles ranges between 300 and 390 mm.

Cabin with all-round visibility and patented design

The cab of Magni's Roto telescopic handlers has been designed for maximum comfort and safety. The windshield extends from the floor to the roof, ensuring excellent visibility. The FOPS/ROPS-certified cab is of course equipped with a protective grille at the top.

The pressurized cabin is hermetically sealed and thanks to 100% air filtration, Magni machines can be used even in polluted environments. Without any health risk for the operators.

RTH Magni cabin
Magni RTH Roto telescopic forklift operation

The control panel of the Roto telescopic handlers from Magni

Welcome to the digital future of touchscreens. The display on Magni's Roto telescopic handlers is used to control all the machine's functions. Of course, there is an additional joystick control.

The supports and level compensation are controlled via a special button. In addition, the vehicles are equipped with radio remote controls, for example, to control all hydraulic movements of the vehicle.

The RTH 5 25 SH at work in the port of Trieste

Magni telescopic handler RTH 6.30 SH

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Frequently asked questions about Roto telescopic handlers from Magni

The "R" stands for "Roto". This is a forklift truck that can rotate on its own axis. The areas of application for Magni's Roto telescopic forklift trucks are clearly defined: Magni's RTH machines can be found wherever extreme performance combined with unproblematic operation is required. The lifting capacities are between 4 and 13 tons, the reach around 33 m depending on the model.

As Magni's Roto telescopic handlers are designed for heavy weights, a great deal has been done to ensure operator safety. The cabs provide an exemplary overview, are equipped with special safety reinforcements and can even be sealed airtight - of course with their own air supply or 100% air filtration for harmful substances.

When designing Magni's Roto telehandlers, off-road characteristics were in the specifications from the start. After all, the vehicles often work in unstable ground conditions later on. In any case, the hydrostatic drive provides each wheel with the necessary driving force to cope with steep terrain and challenging inclines.


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