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The tugger trains from Linde Material Handling can be used to efficiently and flexibly organize scheduled material transports over longer distances within the company. They combine different trailer modules with their tractors for transport distances of 150 meters or more. They can be loaded with up to 3,000 kilograms per trailer module.

Safety for personnel and materials is a top priority. The trailer modules are suitable for all conceivable loads and transport goods - from pallets to mesh baskets to individual items. All route or logistics train models also feature high tipping stability, directional stability and tight turning circles.

Header tugger train logistics train Linde P60

Advantages of the route and logistics trains from Linde

Economical use already from 150 meters

Convenient charging and discharging

Up to 3,000 kilograms per trailer module

Time-saving mass transport instead of individual transport

Man drives logistics train Linde P60 through warehouse with tugger train

Good reasons for route and logistics trains from Linde

Even if the keyword "handling efficiency" may sound a little trite, it aptly describes the central advantages of the Linde tugger trains and logistics trains. Thanks to the flexibility with which the trailer modules can be adapted to almost all transport goods in the company and their minimal turning circle for use even in the smallest of spaces, hardly any wishes remain unfulfilled for complex requirements. The logistics trailers from Linde work with versatile loading frames, some with snap-in trolleys for the transported goods, which are raised for transportation and lowered again for unloading using a lifting mechanism. This saves time, is convenient and therefore effective.

Modular, freely combinable trailers

No matter what your requirements are, there are freely combinable trailers for almost all goods or container dimensions that typically exist in the company. These can be loaded with different roll frames and are available for outdoor as well as indoor applications.

Ergonomic and safe

Linde is known for logical safety features such as the collision lock. It ensures, for example, that the train cannot start moving unless all load frames are raised. Driving assistance systems for the towing tractors reduce the speed on bends and, of course, all trailer modules of the Linde route and logistics trains are connected to the tractor via data cable.

This allows the operator to centrally operate the lifting function of all trailers from the driver's cab. He always has a full overview of all load frames. However, they can also be operated individually on the respective trailer conveniently by foot sensor. Incidentally, the lifting function is deactivated during the journey and the load is monitored electronically. Dangers are thus actively avoided.

Linde Tugger trains Logistics trains Cardboard

Precise, simple and future-proof

Without exception, the trailers are each equipped with four steerable wheels - making precise handling child's play. Particularly in tight spaces and between production lines, maneuvering with four trailers is hardly more strenuous. The wheels, optionally available as spring-mounted variants, are attached to elaborate tilt axles. This guarantees absolutely gentle transport of the loads. Trailers with bridge frames allow loading and unloading from both sides. The precise lifting mechanism of all trailers also enables the load to be lifted without jolting. Of course, the lifting height can be flexibly adjusted.

The future is already built into the route and logistics trains from Linde . In digitalized production, the demands for precision and punctuality are increasing. Machines, goods, merchandise and transport systems communicate with each other to achieve unprecedented efficiency. In the future, logistics trains will drive completely autonomously through the factory halls. The Linde route and logistics trains are already equipped with powerful sensors, actuators and control systems.

Frequently asked questions about tugger trains / logistics trains

There is no general answer to this question: A logistics train certainly does not create forklift-free production and cannot replace it. But it does shift the forklift processes to a specific region in the company.

Linde offers the frames of its logistics tugs in various drive variants. On the one hand without drive as an inexpensive, economical entry-level segment for customers for whom electric drives do not play a role and, of course, also with electric drive for the hydraulic motors in the frame.

The hydraulic elements of the trailers are not connected by a central hydraulic line, but each trailer has its own encapsulated hydraulic system. This means less risk of leakage than with a central hydraulic line. The only connection between the frames is electrical, which supplies power to the hydraulic systems.
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Product Manager Narrow Aisle Storage Solutions + Tugger Trains
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Product Manager Narrow Aisle Storage Solutions + Tugger Trains

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