Linde Motion Detection

A small moment of inattention - and it happens: In everyday operations, accidents between industrial trucks and pedestrians occur time and again. Reversing in particular poses a high risk of accidents.

The "Linde Motion Detection" assistance system sustainably increases safety during operation by detecting movements behind the stationary forklift truck and warning the driver and pedestrian of a collision.

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Your advantages at a glance

Reduced risk of accidents and increased awareness of hazardous situations when reversing

Retrofit reversing sensors for counterbalanced trucks

Less downtime and costs with increasing productivity

Safety first

Reliably avoid start-up accidents

All information about the reversing system

Risk factor multitasking

Multitasking is required when storing and retrieving as well as picking up and setting down loads. The driver must not only keep an eye on the load but also on his surroundings at all times. If the obligatory shoulder glance is forgotten, pedestrians or other vehicles are often not noticed. High time pressure or a brief loss of concentration can further aggravate such situations.

The result: an accident with personal injury. A look at the statistics shows how often such situations occur. For example, 25 percent of personal accidents occur within a radius of zero to three meters from the rear of the vehicle. (Source: BGHW 2014).

Functionality of the reversing sensors

The "Linde Motion Detection" safety assistance system prevents collisions with pedestrians or vehicles by scanning the area behind the stationary forklift truck and detecting all movements.

As soon as movement is detected at a standstill, the system prevents the vehicle from moving off and the driver is alerted to the obstacle via a message on the display. To continue driving, the driver must return the accelerator pedal to its original position. 

The pedestrian is simultaneously alerted via an acoustic signal. There is no need for a permanent warning tone when reversing, as this would further increase the already high noise level in the warehouse.

The brightness of the environment is irrelevant for the function of the system, which allows it to be individually adapted to the respective application and environment.

Linde Motion Detection is therefore perfect for dark warehouse sections or areas with a lack of clarity

Sensitization of employees

Another advantage of the reversing system is that it raises awareness among drivers and pedestrians. With Linde Motion Detection, employees are made aware of potentially dangerous situations and typical danger spots.

This results in a learning effect and both parties are encouraged to behave more carefully in the long term. As a result, safety in the warehouse is increased, downtimes due to accidents are reduced and the material flow is maintained.

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Detail view reversing sensors forklift Linde Motion Detection

Available as equipment or retrofit option

Our "Linde Motion Detection" assistance system was developed specifically for Linde forklift trucks. The reversing system is available both as an equipment option for your new truck and as a retrofit option for your existing fleet.

Do you have questions about retrofitting? Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions.

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Frequently asked questions

Retrofitting on older forklift models is possible without problems in most cases. Simply contact your GRUMA representative.

The costs for retrofitting depend on the respective forklift model and the number of units to be retrofitted. Simply get in touch with your GRUMA contact person here.

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