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Would you like to purchase a new electric forklift and replace your V-type forklift with a modern electric forklift? Then we have a hot tip for you:
With the electric forklift promotion from the BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control), you can receive up to 33% subsidy for the purchase of a new device to replace an old V-type forklift

As a competent partner, we will be happy to advise you on the various funding options, the prerequisites needed for this and support you in the application process. 

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What grant programs are available?

With its new climate protection law, the EU aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent by 2030. In order to achieve this climate target, the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) offers attractive incentives for companies wishing to invest in environmentally friendly technologies through its funding programs. For the promotion of an electric forklift, these two in particular are of interest: 

  • Bafa Module 4 - Basic funding (energy and resource-related optimization of systems and processes)
  • Bafa Module 6 – "Scrapping premium" or "Exchange premium for old IC forklifts" (electrification of micro and small enterprises)

All information on the BAFA funding program at a glance

BAFA subsidies are primarily aimed at companies that want to switch from V-type forklifts (LPG & diesel) to electric forklifts with lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries or fuel cell drives. Funding is available for projects with 15% final energy savings potential. We will be happy to check with you whether you meet the requirements for funding and determine the possible funding amount in advance using our funding check.

What is promoted?

  • Replacement investments for the purchase of new electric forklifts instead of V-forklifts
  • Replacement investments that result in energy savings of at least 15%, e.g. replacement of lead forklifts with lithium forklifts including the connect:charger load management system for networking chargers, etc.
  • Forklifts operated exclusively at the company location of the subsidy recipient
  • Energy consulting costs

What is not promoted?

  • Forklift trucks that do not remain on site for three years for their intended purpose
  • Forklift truck with road traffic approval
  • Rental forklift
  • Used forklift
  • Already ordered forklifts
  • Financed forklifts
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NEW: Sale or scrapping of the old appliance possible

You are now even more flexible thanks to the new funding guidelines. The old appliance no longer has to be purchased in the same tonnage or for the same application. 

The V-Stacker only needs to have been in the customer's possession for at least five years. You can submit both the confirmation of disposal and proof of sale, whereby the proceeds of the sale are taken into account in the latter case. 

Amount of subsidy for e-trucks until the end of 2026

The amount of funding you receive depends on the size of your company and the amount of the investment.
You can find an overview of the possible funding amounts in the table. 

The company
Bafa module 4

Funding according to AGVO

Bafa module 6

Promotion according to de minimis

(companies, with less than 10 employees and annual sales / annual balance sheet total of max. 2 million euros)
15% of the investment amount
33% of the investment amount
Small companies
(companies with less than 50 employees and annual sales / annual balance sheet total of max. 10 million euros)
15% of the investment amount
33% of the investment amount
Medium-sized companies
(companies with less than 250 employees and annual sales of max. 50 million euros / annual balance sheet total of max. 43 million euros)
10% of the investment amount
Not provided
Large companies
(companies, with more than 250 employees)
Large companies: Funding competition*
(*On request)
Large companies: Funding competition*
(*On request)

Example calculation for an investment

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Funding check

Forklift model
Old appliance available?

Your contact details

First name *
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E-mail address *
Telephone number (for queries)

This is how the funding works

Apply for a subsidy check

Contact us so that we can clarify whether you meet the requirements for funding.

Make a request

Our employees will be happy to recommend a competent funding consultant and put you in touch with them. We will also support you in the preparation of funding applications.

Submit proof of use of funds

Once the device has arrived at your location, then proof of use of funds must still be submitted. This proof includes:

  • Confirmation of final energy savings of at least 15% for application for basic funding
  • Photo evidence of the old appliance
  • Proof of proper/professional disposal or sale must be submitted together with the proof of use
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Do you still have questions?



Product Manager Energy Management and Customer Options

Frequently asked questions

The target processing time for a grant application is 14 days, so you can order the truck just 14 days after the grant has been approved. 


Leaflet on federal support for energy and resource efficiency in business - grant

Which energy system suits my company?

Finding the right energy system for the business that is sustainable, efficient and economical at the same time is not always easy. Every company has individual requirements that must be taken into account when making a choice. At the same time, not every technology is suitable for every company. 

Our energy experts at GRUMA will be happy to help you find the perfect energy system for your intralogistics. We offer the latest technology, a wide range of models and comprehensive services for every energy system. 

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