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Small but powerful - these are the electric pallet trucks from the Linde Light Range. Thanks to their electric drive, heavy pallets, pallet cages etc. can be easily transported without any major physical effort. This is not only easy on your employees' backs, but also saves a lot of time compared to manual pallet trucks, as there is no need for time-consuming pumping movements, for example. Speaking of saving time: fast transportation - even of heavy loads - is guaranteed with an electric pallet truck.

Are you interested in an electric pallet truck? Whether electric low-lift pallet truck or electric high-lift pallet truck - we have the right model for every application.

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Discover our Linde electric pallet trucks

With the MT12 and MT15 electric low lift pallet trucks and the MM10, MM10i and ML10 electric pallet truck series, Linde is expanding its range of electric pallet trucks for light and flexible work - bundled under the term Linde Light Range.

In this way, Linde is creating significant improvements for work where flexibility is the main priority.

All new high-lift trucks can also be used in the most flexible way: for classic short-distance transport, light warehousing or as an ergonomic work platform. All trucks are equipped with innovative lithium-ion technology and impress with extremely short charging times combined with a long operating time. Just as you would expect from an electric pallet truck.

Linde MT 15 electric pallet truck in the warehouse

The Linde MT12

The compact design of the Linde MT12 in combination with the power of the lithium-ion battery and the 0.65 kW three-phase AC drive motor allows the electric pallet truck to be steered safely through narrow loading aisles . Thanks to the electric lifting and driving function of the low lift pallet truck, the operator is supported and informed of all important details via the multifunctional display.

Linde Electric pallet truck MT12 side view


The Linde MT12 is a new low lift pallet truck specially developed for flexible working in confined spaces. It is particularly impressive in the following areas

  • Truck loading and unloading
  • Delivery of goods
  • Short-distance transport
  • For trade: transport in the store
  • City Logistics

Performance and security

In order to achieve the best possible performance and safety, the new electric pallet truck has been equipped with the latest technology and practical work supports for increased safety. The Linde MT12 low lift pallet truck has a load capacity of 1,200 kilograms, which can be moved with ease thanks to the built-in electric lift. The 0.65 kW three-phase AC drive motor supports the operator in all their work and accelerates the electric pallet truck up to 4.5 km/h!

In addition to the performance values, the Linde MT12 places particular emphasis on user safety: The low lift pallet truck has an electric brake, which stops the truck when the wing switch is released, for example. The functional design and metal covers of the electric pallet truck promote operator safety - so that your feet cannot get under the pallet truck. An emergency stop switch and an impact button are also integrated into the tiller head of the low lift pallet truck to prevent limbs from being crushed in confined spaces.

Linde MT12 electric pallet truck detail


So that the operator of the Linde MT12 low lift pallet truck does not have to pull the entire load weight with his muscle power, there is a lithium-ion battery in the truck's housing. It is maintenance-free with 1,000 charging cycles and an operating time of 3 hours in continuous operation at a weight of just 3.7 kilograms.

To ensure flexible use of the electric pallet truck, the battery can be recharged with the external charger at any standard power outlet - in just 2.5 hours the battery is fully charged. You do not have this time available? No problem! A shorter charging time will not affect the battery life.

Comfort and handling

Operating the Linde MT12 low lift pallet truck is intuitive and convenient. The drive and lift controls are integrated into the ergonomic tiller head. The double wing switch, which supports two-handed operation, is located directly on the wide handle. The key switch protects the battery of the electric pallet truck when it is at a standstill.

A fault analysis during maintenance of the truck is easily and quickly done by the CAN bus interface - this results in short downtimes and the equipment is immediately ready for use again. Via the additionally integrated battery management system, the electric circuit of the electric pallet truck is immediately interrupted in the event of a short circuit, thus safeguarding the technology.

Linde MM10 / MM10i / ML10

A completely new high lift truck series

Previous high lift pallet trucks were too large and too inflexible for your applications, but a low lift pallet truck was not ideal for your requirements? Linde has developed the MM10 / MM10i / ML10 electric pallet truck series for precisely this purpose.

Thanks to the extremely low weight and compact design of all models in the Linde Light range, the pallet trucks are ideal for light-duty use without having to forego the benefits of a high lift truck . Equipped with the latest lithium-ion technology, the electric pallet truck series makes it possible to avoid downtimes and, together with the infinitely variable lifting height adjustment, creates the perfect basis for a wide range of warehouse applications.


With the Linde MM10, MM10i and ML10, the new Linde Light Range forms the link between the low lift pallet truck series and the heavy-duty high lift pallet trucks. As electric pallet trucks, the products in the Linde Light Range are therefore particularly suitable for

  • Easy storage
  • Stacking the stored items
  • Use as an ergonomic work platform
  • Short-distance transport

Performance and security

The three latest models of the electric pallet trucks impress with their performance values despite their design for light work. The forks of the high-lift trucks have a load capacity of up to 1,000 kilograms without losing any flexibility in combination with the mechanical steering. The 0.65 kW three-phase AC drive motor accelerates the electric pallet truck to 4.5 km/h, and even creep speed is possible as an option.

Thanks to the compact design, excellent mast visibility is achieved and an integrated initial lift in the Linde MM10i ensures safe access to ramps and stability on uneven surfaces. In addition to these safety benefits, all high lift pallet trucks feature an electromagnetic brake with integrated automatic braking, an impact sensor to prevent crushing in confined spaces and an emergency stop switch. To prevent injuries to feet, the electric pallet trucks are designed with robust, deep-drawn metal covers and a long tiller handle.

Linde Electric pallet truck MM10 MM10i ML10 Power supply


The user of the Linde Light Range should be able to concentrate fully on steering the high-lift truck. This is why maintenance-free batteries are installed in the Linde MM10, MM10i and ML10 to actively support the user.

Thanks to the on-board charger, the electric pallet truck can be charged flexibly and at any time. The integrated overcharge protection protects the battery and thus it is kept functional longer - so that you can use your high lift truck for a long time without follow-up costs!

Comfort and handling

When developing the new electric pallet truck in the Linde Light Range, great importance was attached to ergonomic and simple operation. The drive and lift controls are all located in the ergonomically adapted tiller head so that the high lift truck is easy to learn to operate.

The double wing switch for two-handed operation and the operating lever for manual lowering of the goods ensure the highest possible flexibility. The operating hours counter integrated in the workstation of the electric pallet truck and the battery discharge indicator make work plannable, and the key switch saves electricity. And if things get tight, the emergency stop switch is of course in the immediate vicinity!

Electric pallet truck Linde MM10 MM10i ML10 Detail
Electric pallet truck Linde MT15 Hall

The MT15 electric hand pallet truck

The entry level model

The Linde MT15 is the flexible entry-level model in the Linde Light Range series. With a tare weight of just 180 kg, it can also be used on mezzanine floors. The MT15 is the ideal replacement for a manual pallet truck. Especially in confined spaces, tasks can be completed with far less effort and are much more effective. This makes short-distance transportation easy for you.

MT15 application device side view


The Linde MT15 electric pallet truck has been specially developed for working in confined spaces and aisles. With an average service life of 5 years, they provide over 750 operating hours per year. It is particularly impressive in the following areas

  • Truck loading and unloading
  • Short-distance transport
  • For trade: transport in the store
  • City Logistics


The MT15 electric hand pallet truck has a lithium-ion battery, which not only gives it good endurance, but it can also be recharged at any time and anywhere using the integrated charger at any power outlet. An automatic lift cut-off at 20% remaining capacity also protects the battery from deep discharge and guarantees a long battery life.

The DC traction motor of the MT15 shines with high availability, long service intervals and reduced service costs. Energy consumption is kept low by the Curtis control system. And best of all, the travel speed and acceleration can be flexibly adjusted by just a few parameters.

MT15 energy battery lithium display ion
Electric pallet truck Linde MT 15 Stop button

Performance and security

The operator is relatively far away from the vehicle during travel, thanks to the long tiller. When the operator releases the tiller, the MT15 comes to a stop due to the directly activated parking brake. In addition, the low chassis prevents the operator's feet from getting under the lift truck and also protects the drive unit. Injuries caused by sharp edges are a thing of the past with the MT15, as its rounded corners and edges prevent possible injuries to the operator.

The effort required to pick up goods is minimal, as the MT15 performs all movements independently. With a maximum load capacity of 1,500 kilograms, this electric hand pallet truck is suitable for almost any short-haul transport scenario.

Comfort and handling

The travel and lifting movements are integrated inthe ergonomic tiller head of the MT15. The ambidextrous wing switch enables precise maneuvering of the electric lift truck. The reliable battery indicator always tells the operator the current charge status of the unit. The familiar emergency stop button ensures safety.

The support roller system of the MT15 ensures high stability when cornering and prevents the vehicle from touching or scraping the ground. Driving on thresholds, uneven floors, etc. is facilitated by flexible tandem load rollers. Thanks to drive-in rollers, even picking up a pallet crosswise becomes child's play.

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