Automated vehicles Linde R-MATIC

Automated vehicles Linde R-MATIC

1600 kg

11455 mm


Powerful robotic tractor - versatile load transport in all applications.

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Product description

The autonomous R-MATIC reach truck transports goods weighing up to 1,600 kilograms and stores and retrieves them up to a height of more than eleven meters. Thanks to a selection of masts, it is particularly suitable for handling at medium to great heights, as well as for supplying workplaces, for warehouses or for transporting materials. With an innovative 3D camera, the R-MATIC recognizes the storage location in the rack as well as the pallet openings. By adjusting the forks, it can precisely store and retrieve the load. The vehicle's contour navigation requires no additional infrastructure and it interacts safely and efficiently with people, non-automated vehicles or conveyor belts and packing stations. Thanks to Dual Mode, the R-MATIC can also be controlled manually.


In addition to the high safety standard of Linde trucks, the R-MATIC has an intelligent safety system for automated operation. The vehicle detects its surroundings with the help of sensors. If the 2D Curtain Laser system detects an obstacle, the vehicle reduces speed and stops if necessary. Furthermore, the automated reach truck uses an innovative 3D camera and a laser to detect pallet openings and loads and to precisely store and retrieve them at great heights. In addition, the Dynamic Mast Control (DMC) driving assistance system compensates for mast movements with targeted countermovements.

  • Intelligent safety system
  • Sensors to detect the environment
  • Automatic speed adjustment
  • Innovative 3D camera for detecting loads
  • Dynamic Mast Control (DMC)
  • 2D Curtain Laser

The contour navigation (SLAM) of the R-MATIC does not require any additional infrastructure. Thanks to the 3D camera, even the handling of loads at great lifting heights of up to more than eleven meters is carried out precisely and efficiently. This is why the vehicle is particularly suitable for autonomous storage and retrieval of pallets at medium and great heights, as well as for loading workstations with required parts or goods. The identification of the loads is optionally possible via a barcode or RFID scanner. If required, the R-MATIC can import the read-out data into companies' ERP and merchandise management systems.

  • Navigation without additional infrastructure
  • Lifting heights up to over eleven meters
  • 3D camera for precise load handling
  • Storage and retrieval as well as transport of goods
  • Integration into IT systems

The account navigation (SLAM) without additional infrastructure makes the integration of R-MATIC into intralogistics processes particularly simple, fast and smooth. This also allows flexible adaptation and scaling of the system. For maintenance procedures, the R-MATIC's vehicle data can be read out and analyzed via a service laptop. In addition, all electronic maintenance parts are easily accessible. In addition, the maintenance-free three-phase AC technology developed by Linde ensures uninterrupted work operations.

  • Simple and fast implementation
  • Flexible customization and scaling
  • Electronic data analysis
  • Easily accessible maintenance parts

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Model overview

Load capacity
Lifting height
Turning radius
Driving speed with/without load
Battery voltage / nominal capacity K5
1,6 (t)
8255 (mm)
1812 (mm)
14/14 (2.5/0.8) km/h
48 / 560/620 [48/804] (V)/(Ah) o. kWh

Special equipment

Various triplex masts for lifting heights from 6.85 m to 11.30 m are available for the R-MATIC.
A barcode scanner can be attached to the vehicle to identify the goods and read the data directly into an inventory management system if required.
The Linde BlueSpot™ guideway warning system increases safety during operation, as the LED spotlight makes the vehicle silently visible.
Optional warning lights are available that project highly visible red or blue light lines onto the ground either on the sides or on the rear of the vehicle.
The optional overhang sensors detect if the goods on the pallets have slipped on the sides and react according to previously set rules. The vehicle either stops or moves this pallet to a special storage location.
If the pallet width exceeds 900 mm, the safety bar on the load arm is mandatory. It stops the vehicle if the pallet tilts during cornering.
An optional extra-loud warning tone is available for particularly noisy work environments.

Technical data

Drive type


Load capacity (kg)


Lifting height (mm)


Driving speed with/without load

14 / 14 km/h

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